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About Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is proud to manufacture a full line of home cleaning and restoration products made in the USA. Rejuvenate’s All Floors Restorer is the #1 selling floor restorer at The Home Depot.

Our Clients Opinion

After 25 years of dogs, kids and grandkids, my hardwood floors still look new, thanks to Rejuvenate!
Helen D
Worked as advertised, exceeded expectations, have already recommended to friends.
Jim A
We tried other products, but only Rejuvenate succeeded in making our slate floors look polished and sparkling.
Gary S 
I read reviews and thought well I better try it. I am so happy I did it work great on my heart wood and on my laminate floor.

Get The Best Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner | Buy Furniture Cleaner Online

A kitchen cabinet cleaner from Rejuvenate can bring your kitchen back to life in minutes. Your cabinets are one of the more prominent pieces of your kitchen. If they look dull, it can affect the whole look of your kitchen. This can spill out into the rest of your home if you have a more open layout but cleaning them can be quite the task. That’s why keeping an effective cabinet cleaner from Rejuvenate is the best thing you can do. For professional results, get your kitchen cabinet cleaner and cabinet restoration products with Rejuvenate.



The Rejuvenate kitchen cabinet cleaner doesn't just remove dirt, smudges, and grime; it leaves cabinets brighter and your kitchen looking like new. You can take the kitchen cabinet cleaner up a notch with cabinet restoration products that give you the results you want without the elbow grease. Rejuvenate’s kitchen cabinet cleaner and cabinet restoration products were developed for those who expect fast results without having to use too many products.

Bring Furniture Back To Life With A Furniture Cleaner

When you’re cleaning your home, using a furniture cleaner might not occur to you, until one day you notice how old and worn your furniture looks. Once your old desk or the legs of your couch start to chip and accumulate dents, you may be tempted to toss it out and get new furniture. Instead of replacing it or covering the embarrassing dents and gouges, try using the cabinet and furniture cleaner to give it a second life. Use repair markers to erase gouges and scratches, and follow it with the restorer to finish it off. Removing scratches and other inconsistencies on your furniture makes the surface really shine and look new.

Both the furniture cleaner and furniture restorer can be used on Formica, finished wood and laminate surfaces to clean, protect, and restore for up to three months.

Great Wood Cabinet Cleaner and Restoration Products Available

It’s amazing what simple a wood cabinet cleaner and restoration products can do for your home. Whether it’s the furniture in your hallway, your kitchen, or your living room, Rejuvenate’s wood cabinet cleaner and restoration products can make them look new again. Wood tends to wear with more exposure to the sun so it helps that the wood cabinet restorer leaves a protective barrier to shield the surfaces from the sun and its damaging effects. It looks like cabinet restoration just got easier with the Rejuvenate.

Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money making your wood cabinet cleaner and looking like new again. For the best furniture cleaner and effortless cabinet restoration, all you need is Rejuvenate.

Get The Best Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner

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