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About Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is proud to manufacture a full line of home cleaning and restoration products made in the USA. Rejuvenate’s All Floors Restorer is the #1 selling floor restorer at The Home Depot.

Our Clients Opinion

After 25 years of dogs, kids and grandkids, my hardwood floors still look new, thanks to Rejuvenate!
Helen D
Worked as advertised, exceeded expectations, have already recommended to friends.
Jim A
We tried other products, but only Rejuvenate succeeded in making our slate floors look polished and sparkling.
Gary S 
I read reviews and thought well I better try it. I am so happy I did it work great on my heart wood and on my laminate floor.

Our Grout Cleaner Products Work For Everyday Use & Clean Deep

Grout Cleaner | Best Grout Cleaner | Tile and Grout Cleaning

Rejuvenate’s grout cleaner can be utilized every day for safe and scrub-free grout cleaning. Simply spray and walk away. As the enzymes naturally break down deeply embedded bacteria you will begin to see dingy, dirty grout become lighter and brighter. Our everyday cleaner also works great on tile and is safe for any surface or finish. For dark tougher stains try our deep grout cleaner. See the difference Rejuvenate Products can make on your tile and grout. 



The Most Technologically Advanced Deep Grout Cleaner Available

 Rejuvenate’s Deep Grout Cleaner is your solution to those tougher, dark stains between your tile. Basic cleaning doesn’t remove deep, ground-in dirt absorbed by grout.   This cleaner will noticeably improve the look of your tiles with just one application and will continue to work long after you’ve finished using it. How is this possible? Well, this isn’t your ordinary grout cleaner. Rejuvenate’s Deep Grout Cleaner is the most technologically advanced deep grout cleaner available. It restores your original grout color using a bio enzymatic formula that reactivates with water. This is the differentiating factor that separates this deep grout cleaner from the rest. It works even when you’re not using it, which means you’re getting the results you want even while you sleep. This is how Rejuvenate’s deep grout cleaner works for you. Now you don’t have to work as hard to have a spotless tile floor. The best part? It’s safe to use around children and pets because of its odorless and earth-friendly formula. 

You Deserve the Best Grout Cleaner for Your Home

Have you looked everywhere for the best grout cleaner only to find that every product is the same? Turn to Rejuvenate, which has been known for having the best grout cleaner by the millions of people who have used this product. With an odorless, earth-friendly formula, you won’t have to worry about opening your windows or isolating children and pets while you clean. The days of using products with harsh chemicals are long gone; they’re obviously not working as well as you want them to. Instead, go with an acid-free, odorless product that makes tile and grout cleaning a breeze. You deserve to have the best grout cleaner to make your home as welcoming and beautiful as possible. What are you waiting for? Start brightening your tile and grout with the best grout cleaner.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Made Easy

What if there was a way to make tile and grout cleaning easy? Don’t believe it? Here’s what it’s like to do some tile and grout cleaning with Rejuvenate. First, shake the grout cleaner well and pour it right onto the grout stains you want to remove. Let it sit for about five minutes so that the formula can penetrate the surface. This is important to get those enzymes deeper into the grout. Give it a scrub and wipe it clean to reveal a brighter surface. There you have it! Rejuvenate’s unrivaled tile and grout cleaning technology is safe, simple, and affordable. Get professional results at a faction of the cost with the best grout cleaner from Rejuvenate.

Our Grout Cleaner Products Work For Everyday Use & Clean Deep

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