Rejuvenate Floor Restorers - How do I get the best results?

Step 1 - Directions

Read the directions on the bottle.  

Step 2 - Prep & Clean

It’s imperative to prep & clean the flooring surface before application of any floor restorer product.  Sweep and vacuum to remove any loose dirt/debris. Remove any old cleaners/oils/restorers/polymers from your floor’s original surface.  Rejuvenate Floor Restorers work best when they bond to the floor’s original surface.  Once all products are removed, clean your floor with Rejuvenate’s No Bucket Floor Cleaner. It’s specifically designed to work with the restorer products.  

Step 3 - Application

Before you apply the Rejuvenate Restorer, test it in an inconspicuous area first. When you’re ready for application, use a sponge mop and a Rejuvenate Microfiber Bonnet Applicator and follow the step-by-step instructions on the bottle.

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