Rejuvenate Click and Clean
Multi Surface Spray Mop System

The All-In-One Cleaning Solution For All Your Floors

A Professional Clean Every Time

Click On Grout Brush Easily clean stubborn grout with the convenient grout brush attachment. It has a stiff, v-shaped brush that digs-in deep to remove deep, embedded dirt.

Super Scrub Pad Use the Click n Clean super scrub pad to make quick work of any sticky, stuck-on messes. Simply flip the mop head over and scrub away the mess with ease.

Comfortable Trigger Use this easy, ergonomically-designed trigger to dispense Rejuvenate Top-Rated Floor Cleaners. No batteries are needed to use Click n Clean, ever.

Bottle Adapter Click n Clean comes complete with three reusable adapter caps that convert any top-rated Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner into a Click n Clean cartridge.

Microfiber Cleaning Pad Maximize the power of Click n Clean with this reusable microfiber cleaning pad. Its super absorbent material makes quick work of daily spills and dirt.

Microfiber Dusting Pad Maximize the power of Click n Clean with this reusable microfiber dusting pad. It will be your go-to for daily spot cleaning and high traffic sweeping.

Click n Clean Mop Kit Includes

Durable Interlocking Sleeves Our patented interlocking pole with reinforced locking sleeves make this the most durable mop ever developed.

Speed Clean Your Entire Home as Easy as 1-2-3!


Use Rejuvenate Floor Cleaners For Your Specific Floor

Unpack Your Mop In Minutes


Use Rejuvenate Cleaners as Click-In Cartridges



REAL Customers Are in LOVE with Click N Clean!

Click and Clean Mop makes my day so much easier! I have both tile and wood floors, and the tile has deep grooves in the grout area, which makes it difficult to get completely clean without getting down on your hands and knees. I was able to swap in the Grout Brush Adapter with a single click, and between that and the super absorbent microfiber cleaning pad, had all my different types of flooring clean in record time.

I'm in love with this mop, it's incredibly easy! It was incredibly easy to put together-the pieces just snap together - and it works great! It comes with a bottle of cleaning fluid, 3 lids (for use on the cleaning fluid) a white, soft dusting pad and a blue mop pad. They stick to the bottom of the mop perfectly and don’t slip or slide off. My favorite part is the way the mop head is shaped. It easily slides along the floor edge and gets into the corners.

Great for cleaning hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors! This Rejuvenate Click n Clean Spray Mop is great for cleaning hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. The mop is quick and easy to assemble with just a snapping together of the two parts of the handle. It's very straightforward to use the cleaner fluid and spray trigger, the swiveling mop head makes it easy to maneuver. Included are two different colored microfiber cloths for dusting and cleaning.