Your home’s wood floors are beautiful assets to the overall appeal of your home. But many don’t consider the care and cost needed to keep those wooden floors looking new. When wood floors get old, they lose their original shine and luster and start to look dirty and dull. You can either hire a professional to come in and restore your home’s wooden floors or you can do it yourself on a budget. Hardwood floor restoration doesn't have to cost much when you use Rejuvenate’s wood floor restorer!

Restore Wood Floors Like A Professional

Rejuvenate offers a wide range of specialty products made especially for hardwood floor restoration. The Professional Wood Floor Restorer With Satin Finish will help restore years of wear and tear on your wooden floors thanks to its powerful formula that leaves a durable finish. The floor polish goes on clear and will leave your hardwood floors with a beautiful satin finish after just one mop-on application.

Make Your Wood Floor Shine Like New

Formulated for wood floors only, the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer With High Gloss finish will make them shine as if they were just installed! And this shine will last for years thanks to the safe formula that’s powerful and durable. Plus, the wood floor restorer isn’t harmful to your pets or family, so there’s no need to send them out for the day while you restore your wooden floors.

Powerful Laminate Floor Care For Your Home’s Other Rooms

Rejuvenate also offers a variety of laminate floor care products for the rooms that don’t have wooden floors, like your bathroom. The All Floors Restorer is designed for older floors that are showing their age and wear, working its magic on a number of different floor surfaces, including laminate. Its unique formula brings back long-lost shine and will seal and protect against damage.

Floor Shine Products That Won’t Break The Bank

All of Rejuvenate’s floor shine products are affordable and powerful, allowing you to get the best cleaning results without having to spend a fortune on a professional. With the powerful formulas, Rejuvenate’s floor shine products will leave your floors brilliant and clean, making others think they are new!