Why get a couch cleaner that’s only good for couches when you can get one that does more? This is what Rejuvenate’s couch cleaner does. But first, what is a couch cleaner? I’ve seen this couch cleaner wipe out makeup and grass stains, even those impossible pet stains, effortlessly! We all know how seeing a stain on our upholstered couches can make us feel. It’s embarrassing to have guests over when you have a few stains here and there. If this is something you’re always dealing with, because some stains are just too stubborn, give the couch cleaner a go and see if it doesn’t make your couch feel just a little nicer. Plus, you can also use it as a carpet and upholstery cleaner!

It Works Like No Other Carpet Cleaner

Some people use a carpet cleaner on a particularly stubborn stain expecting certain results only to be left disappointed. Having carpet in your home makes it feel cozy and warm, so why is it such a pain to find a good carpet cleaner? Well, not anymore with Rejuvenate’s odor-free carpet cleaner. Having this on hand has made a huge difference for those with unbearable spots and stains, myself included. I know people who have vehemently opposed carpet for the sole reason of how hard it is to keep it clean. To those people, I would highly recommend this carpet cleaner.

It’s Also Known As The Best Upholstery Cleaner

For the best upholstery cleaner, you can use this same magnificent product. I already mentioned the bio enzymatic properties that work to dissolve stains, but that’s not the only thing that makes it the best upholstery cleaner. I can use it in my car, on my couches, really anywhere that has stained fabric that needs some livening up. Since it’s an earth-friendly product I can clean without worrying about inhaling dangerous fumes. It’s great to use around pets and children, too, so you don’t have to schedule your cleaning around nap time. Now can you see why it’s considered the best upholstery cleaner?

Be Prepared With This Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner

Did I mention that you get the carpet and upholstery cleaner all with one bottle? This helps save on storage space since you’re not having to keep multiple cleaning products for these different areas of your home. Instead of waiting for a spill to remind you that you need a carpet and upholstery cleaner, grab one now. That way, you’re prepared for anything at all times. If you're going to get a couch cleaner don't settle for just any. Get a couch cleaner that works as a carpet and upholstery cleaner, too! Trust Rejuvenate to help you stay on top of your couches with the best upholstery cleaner on the market.