As a mom, you already know that life is exhausting. With so much to do, it’s hard to get everything done in just 24 hours, right?! And the holiday season doesn’t help much since you have to get the house ready for the holidays, go out to buy gifts, wrap them and then attend all sorts of holiday festivities on top of what you already do on the regular. If you don’t want to stress this holiday season, here are some sanity-saving holiday tips for busy moms:

Create a To Do list

To make sure that you get everything done on time, create a To Do list for the holidays. Figure out everything you need to do for the season, gifts to buy, festivities to attend and more so that you have everything in one place and can cross them off as you get them done. If your list is too big, section them off by week or day so that you can get to everything.

Reconsider traditions

Elf on the Shelf and Advent calendars might be a tradition, but if you’re too stressed out this holiday, you might want to reconsider them or at least lower your expectations as to how extreme you’re going to pose your Elf.

Don’t forget to relax

As you navigate this busy time of year, don’t forget to make some time for yourself. Schedule certain you time where you stop being Supermom and just be yourself. If you don’t set aside some alone time, you’ll burn yourself out and then the holidays won’t be as special anymore. Find time to just sit back and cherish the moment!

Clean in sections

Don’t try and get your home together in one day for the holidays unless you want to stress yourself out. Instead, clean your home in sections, designating a time and day for each room in your home. Then when friends and family come over, you’ll just need to do a quick refresh!