Cleaning your home’s floors can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large home and various floor surfaces to clean. To make cleaning floors easier and more efficient, you’ll need versatile cleaning products from Rejuvenate. Our new Click n Clean spray mop system is just what you need to turn dirty and dull floors into sparkling like new ones! Throw out your old mop and bucket and experience a new way to clean your floors! Mopping alone won’t get rid of dirt and bacteria on your floor. All it does is push around the dirt around the same dirty water. For the best results, always use Rejuvenate floor cleaning products!

A Better Dust Mop

Out of all of our cleaning products, you’ll want to make sure to get our Click n Clean dust mop for an easier way to dust floors with little effort. The all-in-one kit comes with a special reusable microfiber dusting pad that fits in every nook and cranny in your home. You’ll be able to pick up dust and dirt in hard to reach places using our innovative dust mop. The flexible swivel head allows it to move easier than other dust mops and gives it the power collect dust in every corner. Once you’re done using the dust mop, just toss the microfiber dusting pad in the washing machine! You’ll never have to buy refillable disposable pads ever again.

The Best Spray Mop Around

After you’ve finished using our Click n Clean system as a dust mop, simply switch out dusting pad for the reusable cleaning pad to transform it into a spray mop. Plus, the innovative spray mop system is so ingenious that you can use it with almost any Rejuvenate floor cleaning products. It works perfectly with any 32oz-40oz Rejuvenate long neck bottle cleaners, including our popular No Bucket Floor Cleaner. The spray mop features a no batteries needed mechanical trigger that works directly with the directional mist nozzle that evenly spreads cleaner over any floors surface. As the best spray mop around, you’ll find that cleaning your floors is easier than ever before! You can use the spray mop on a number of floor surfaces, including laminate, wood, tile and grout, vinyl and more. The Click n Clean spray mop system also includes three bottle adapters, soft scrub pad and one free bonus click-on grout brush.