If you feel like you’re always cleaning, try Rejuvenate floor cleaning products to make your floor cleaner day after day. Follow these floor cleaning tips with Rejuvenate floor cleaning products to get professional results fast with minimal effort.

Rejuvenate offers several floor cleaning products to make cleaning fast, easy, and effective. But if you had to start with one product, let it be the Rejuvenate floor cleaner. It’s contains a water-based formula that won’t leave streaks, and its spray-and-mop method means you don’t have to use a mop or bucket.

Start by spraying the floor cleaner onto a small area and wiping it clean with a microfiber bonnet on top of your everyday sponge mop. Using microfiber material will help pick up any particles that other mops might leave behind. Once you cover the entire surface, use the bonnet to buff away the stains and let the floor cleaner dry. You’ll see instant and long-lasting floor shine.

Take your cleaning to the next level by using Rejuvenate’s floor restorer to bring dull, worn out floors back to life. If you have little ones running around, the floor restorer can add traction to your floors and make them less slippery. It can be used on virtually any surface to restore it and make it new again. Please test in a small area and start only after your floor is cleaned of all wax, polish and other surface reminants.

Tips On Using A Vinyl Floor Cleaner

If you have vinyl floors that need extra care, use Rejuvenate’s vinyl floor cleaner to leave a streak-free shine. This particular surface is great for modern homes and continues to grow in popularity. A pH balanced vinyl floor cleaner can help keep it looking its best with a water-based formula that won’t damage the floors.

Unlike other vinyl floor cleaners, this environmentally-friendly vinyl floor cleaner can be used on tile floors as well. Just spray it on the surface and mop it with a microfiber bonnet. Once it dries, you’ll have a sealed layer of protection and lasting shine.

How To Make Your Floor Shine

Want to make your floors shine? Use the bio enzymatic grout cleaner to remove any build up and dirt that’s making your tile floor look dirty. To encourage a noticeable floor shine, spray it on the surface and spread it evenly with a microfiber bonnet. Reducing the appearance of grout helps your floors look cleaner and makes your floor shine brighter.

Rejuvenate has products for all types of flooring, including laminate floor cleaning products. Get yours here and use these tips to start making your floor shine and look like new again.