Spring is just around the corner and many are already getting their homes in shape for the warmer weather. If you do a yearly spring-cleaning, here are some tips on how to make this time around a breeze so that your home is sparkling clean:

1. Wash windows

A deep cleaning will require you to wash your window because they can get really dirty during winter. But be sure to do it on a cloudy day because if it’s too sunny, you’ll get streaks once the cleaning solution dries.

2. Clean your sliding doors

You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to your sliding doors, but it does get very dirty since dirt and grime get trapped in between the sliders. You’ll want to clean this before you start entertaining outside and the best way to is by using an old, dry toothbrush to loosen dirt and debris and then use a vacuum hose to suck it all up.

3. Overlooked surfaces

When you undergo a deep spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean overlooked surfaces like your door frames, baseboards and walls, give them a good scrub to get them clean again.

4. Carpet stains

When you’re looking for things to clean during your deep cleaning stint, don’t forget to look at your carpets for any stains that might have set in and were overlooked.

5. Clean under furniture

Usually when you clean on a daily basis, you don’t really move furniture around. But this time, you’ll want to clean under all furniture and appliances to give everything a good and deep cleaning. Roll up area rugs, vacuum all the floors and move any appliances to really clean the dirt from your home.

6. Freshen up furniture

If your furniture looks dirty, it’s time to clean them up, too! Restore old leather with cleaner and conditioner and use a rag over all wood furniture.

7. Deep clean your floors

Don’t forget about giving your floors a deep cleaning! To do so, Rejuvenate’s Big Job Floor Restoration Kit is just what you need to get it looking it’s best. The kit has everything you’ll need to clean and restore a huge floor space in once complete kit. It features two bottles of Floor Cleaner, one bottle of Floor Restorer6-pc kit of Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Markers and four Microfiber Mop Bonnet Applicators.