Regardless of where you call home, chances are you have one of the two most common floor types: vinyl floors or wood floors. If you do, you also know that finding a good floor cleaner that works after years of wear and tear have made your floors look dull. That’s why so many people trust Rejuvenate for an effective vinyl or wood floor cleaner. The best thing about a Rejuvenate floor cleaner is that it has the power to make your floor look new again without much effort. Those who use them enjoy the non-toxic formula and have seen the lasting effects that these floor cleaning products have had. The best part is that using them requires practically no scrubbing. 

1 - Vinyl Floor Cleaner

The vinyl floor cleaner leaves an impressive finish to keep your delicate luxury vinyl floor cleaner and protected. Vinyl floor can be very delicate and after years of living with this type of floor, there’s bound to be streaks, dulling, and chemical residue. Rejuvenate’s vinyl floor cleaner is a safe, water-based product that was developed with this particular surface in mind. You can use it on plank and tile flooring and it’s even safe to use for daily cleaning. Make this vinyl floor cleaner a part of your routine and see the difference on your vinyl floors.

2 - Wood Floor Cleaner

A good wood floor cleaner is highly sought after because of the vulnerability of wood flooring. Wood floors are beautiful and add a classic look to any home. But that can quickly fade when they become scuffed and dull. A wood floor cleaner from Rejuvenate can keep your luster going well into the next application. With the help of a microfiber bonnet and a formula that lets you kiss the mop and bucket goodbye, cleaning and protecting your wood floors has never been easier. Restore your wood floors effortlessly with a wood floor cleaner that will help you make the most of your investment.

Find More Floor Cleaning Products With Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate’s floor cleaning products are keeping millions of homes shining and looking like new. You can join in on the impressive results, too, and have enviable floors without spending hours cleaning. Although Rejuvenate carries floor cleaning products for wood and vinyl floors, you can also find floor cleaning products for ceramic, stone, marble, and more. You can even find handy floor cleaning kits that include a microfiber bonnet for smooth application. With an amazing formula that doesn’t quit and essential cleaning tools at your disposal, Rejuvenate is improving the idea of what great floor cleaning products are.