Laminate floors are great because you can they can look like wood or more expensive flooring surfaces without the high costs! They are easy to install and are very inexpensive. But the best part is how easy laminate floors are to clean! You just need a dust mop and the right laminate floor cleaner to get them shiny and new. The special laminate floor cleaner from Rejuvenate features a patented formula that provides lasting results with minimal effort. The Rejuvenate laminate floor cleaner is the most effective floor cleaner on the market!

Laminate Floor Products That Fit Every Budget

Don’t think that quality laminate floor cleaning products are expensive! That’s not the case when you opt for any of Rejuvenate’s laminate floor cleaning products. The No-Bucket Floor Cleaner is one of the company’s best-selling laminate floor cleaning products! For good reason, too, since it’s powerful and effective. The residue-free laminate floor cleaner has a pH-balanced formula that gets rid of the toughest dirt and grime. This means these laminate floor cleaning products contain low chemical emissions.

The Only Upholstery Cleaner You’ll Ever Want To Use, Too

Besides quality laminate floor cleaning products, Rejuvenate also offers the best upholstery cleaner! It’s the only couch cleaner you’ll want to use when the kids or pets leave stains. The upholstery cleaner also works on carpet stains like red wine, dirt, grease, grime and more. Once you try the upholstery cleaner, you’ll throw out all your other couch cleaners! The upholstery cleaner has a fast-acting formula that works on carpets, couches, fabrics, car seats and upholstery items.