A dust mop can easily clean your home’s floors, removing dust and debris from all major traffic areas in a breeze! You’ll never want to use a broom and a pan ever again once you use a dust mop. The convenience and ease is what makes dust mops a highly sought after cleaning tool. But don’t just go for any dust mop on the market and go with the best! Rejuvenate offers the best one because of its numerous functions and conveniences.

Our dust mop comes with a microfiber dusting pad that can be thrown in the washer and used over and over again. Its flexible head joint allows the dust mop to easily glide over floors, reaching into tight spaces in a breeze. Plus, you won’t mind cleaning your floors thanks to its comfortable ergonomic power grip to help reduce hand and arm fatigue.

The Best Household Cleaning Products In The Industry

Known for our best household cleaning products in the industry, our dust mop can’t be beat! Everyone loves the fact that the microfiber dust mop pad can be rewashed and reused over and over by washing in cold water. Simply use a gentle soap and then air dry! You’ll never have to spend money on dust mop pad refills again. We’ve made a name for ourselves as having quality household cleaning products and our dust mop is just another testament of our amazing offerings. Once you try it, you’ll want to try Rejuvenate’s other household cleaning products, too!

A Great Addition For Laminate Floor Care

If your home has laminate floors, a dust mop can be a great addition to its care. Laminate floor care includes cleaning the surface regularly and not using hash cleaners that can cause damage. General cleaning with a dust mop should be done a few times a week depending on how much traffic the surface sees. Laminate floor care is easy with the right products!

A Variety of Floor Cleaning Products

In addition to the dust mop, Rejuvenate offers a variety of floor cleaning products. It doesn’t matter what sort of floor surface you have because Rejuvenate has cleaning products that’s made specifically for it. From hardwood floors to tile, laminate and more, you can rest assure you’ll find the perfect product! With so many floor cleaning products to choose from, you’ll be able to buy everything you need to clean your entire home from Rejuvenate. Plus, the best laminate floor care starts with Rejuvenate!

From Dust Mop To Spray Mop

The great thing about Rejuvenate’s dust mop is that it transforms into a spray mop! All you need to do to change it to a spray mop is add the included microfiber pad floor cleaner, your go-to Rejuvenate floor cleaning solution and start cleaning! The spray mop is compatible with Rejuvenate long neck bottle cleaners, including the popular No-Bucket Floor Cleaner.

Awesome Floor Shine Products

If you’re looking for floor shine products, Rejuvenate has what you need! We offer the perfect floor shine products for whatever flooring surfaces your home has. Our floor shine products are affordable and powerful, leaving your floors looking like new!