Top Tailgate Cleaning Tips from Rejuvenate

If you’ve ever been to a NFL, college homecoming or high school football game then you’ve probably been to at least one tailgate party. Tailgating can be a celebration unto itself, with some people spending more time enjoying food and drink in the stadium parking lot than at the actual game.

While tailgating originated in the open tailgate at the back of a car or truck – many tailgate parties now include elaborate setups of tents, tables, chairs, BBQ grills and more – corn hole anyone?

Some die-hard sports fans take tailgating to its own art form.  Self-proclaimed tailgating expert Joe Cahn (AKA the ‘commissioner of tailgating’) runs a website for tailgaters and sports fans about (wait for it) – tailgating!

Tailgate celebrations are also very popular at concert venues, with people walking among the crowds, sharing home cooked food and pleasant conversation with other music fans. A variety of delicious refreshments are enjoyed at these celebrations, but what happens when you spill your glass of red wine or drop a mustard laden hotdog down the front of your shirt?

OUTrageous™ Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater to the rescue!

Quick Tips for Cleaning Stains from Sports Uniforms

With football jerseys fetching such a premium price, you’ll want to know how to clean up that big stain the next time a slab of bar-be-cue ribs lands on your favorite shirt. Official NFL sports apparel is a pricey investment with team jerseys costing in the range of $75 to $150 or more.

Here’s how to clean and remove stains from your team jersey, or other clothing, using OUTrageous by Rejuvenate®:

  1. Lay your jersey flat on top of a clean, dry towel.
  2. Saturate both sides (front and back) of the stained area with the laundry pre-treater.
  3. Let the stain remover penetrate the fibers for a minute or two.
  4. Use a microfiber towel to gently agitate the surface.
  5. For stubborn stains use a soft brush, like an old toothbrush, to really work the OUTrageous into the stain.
  6. Check the garment’s care label, then launder as usual.

And there you have it – now your football jersey’s ready for the next home game!

More Stain Removal Tips

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