These days, it’s all about stainless steel surfaces and appliances since they’re not only attractive to the eye and complement modern kitchens, but also because they’re easy to clean and resist rust and corrosion. It’s a highly popular choice in both bathrooms and kitchens and can last a really long time, which is another huge advantage of stainless steel. But even though it’s easy to clean, there are risks that can damage your stainless steel surfaces and appliances, such as grime, dirt and dust, which actually can cause it to rust. However, the right type of cleaning will help it keep its fresh look and here are some handy tips on how to properly clean and maintain stainless steel surfaces:

1. The Right Cloth

When you clean stainless steel surfaces, it’s best that you use a microfiber cleaning cloth since they won’t scratch the surface and can absorb all the product you’re using so that you don’t leave streaks on the surface. And you should always wipe in the same direction for the best results or else you’ll see streaks going in all sorts of directions. 

2. The Right Product

Although you can easily use water and soap, it’s best to use a product designated for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. Minerals in water can often leave marks on stainless steel, so a special product is better so that you don’t have to do more work cleaning off the marks. Rejuvenate’s Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish kit will not only polish the surface to a brilliant shine, but will also strip away grease and grime left on the surface. The solution also leaves a streak-free protective coat and will leave behind a radiant glow that will make the surface look as if it was brand new. And you also get a free microfiber towel applicator to use with the product! If there are any scratches on the surface, their Stainless Steel Scratch Eraser Kit safely removes scratches – from the finest surface ones to the really deep gouges and even rust spots!