When you have people over, the last thing you want to do is clean. Although many will clean way before a party starts or guests come over, if you’re like most people,  you’ll wait to the last minute. If leave cleaning to the last minute, here are some speed cleaning tips so that you can easily tidy up in a hurry before your guests arrive:

1. Declutter

The first thing you’ll want to do to make your place look clean is to declutter. Put any toys, shoes, papers, mail and anything else back in their place or remove it entirely from the room. Designate a place you can quickly stash all the clutter for quick cleaning to make things easier when guests come.

2. Prioritize

Figure out the messiest room in the house and concentrate on cleaning that one first. For many people, it’s the kitchen and bathrooms. Give your countertops a once-over with Rejuvenate’s Countertop Polish and you’ll be good to go!

3. Don’t forget the sinks!

Sometimes you can get away with looking like you have a clean kitchen or bathroom if you just focus on the sinks. Make the sink look clean by putting away dirty dishes in the dishwasher and freshening the sink a bit and you’ll see that it makes a difference.

4. Close things

Close any closet and bathroom doors, shower curtains, drawers, cabinets and anything else to make a room look cleaner than it is. This will make it look well organized and appear to be clean.

5. Do a quick over

Before any guests are scheduled to arrive, do a quick once over to see what areas can use some cleaning. This will help you focus on areas you might have overseen so that you can get everything in order.

And to make life easier when cleaning, use Rejuvenate cleaning products, which are easy to use and will clean like no other cleaners on the market can!