Why You Should Use Screen Cleaning Wipes to Clean Smartphones, Tablets and Computer Screens  

Technology has become an intimate part of our world. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are invaluable tools in our everyday lives. We play on them, learn on them and work on them. There is just one simple interface that separates our sticky fingers, sweaty ears, and dusty world from the intricate workings of these amazing (and expensive) electronic masterpieces.

The screen.

Screens get dirty, VERY dirty and when that crystal-clear image you focus on for hours becomes clouded and murky, you’ll be straining your eyes and may even get a headache. 

You know you need to keep your digital screens clean, you also know that swiping over the surface with your shirt sleeve isn’t the best approach. For years, the microfiber cloth has been hailed as the go-to method for cleaning screens, but now there’s a new contender in the game – meet Rejuvenate Screen Cleaning Wipes.

What makes these single use, moist towels so special, and why would you choose them over microfiber cloths? 

Let’s take a closer look. 


Why Use Screen Cleaning Wipes

1. Screen Cleaning Wipes actually clean!

Have you ever seen a tablet after a preschooler had his turn on it?

There are no words.

While microfiber cloths are great at grabbing dust from a surface, when it comes to removing grime, oily fingerprints, and “unknowns” from screens, screen cleaning wipes are the way to go!

They are pre-moistened with a gentle soap that is safe on skin and ammonia-free. This carefully formulated soap dissolves organic residue (a nice term for greasy fingerprints) and effectively removes dust and grime off the surface of any screen or lens – which is so much more than simply dusting your screen.

Dust, grime, smudges and oily residue? Instantly deleted!

2. Single Use Screen Cleaning Wipes Won’t Damage Screen

To be fair, microfiber cloths are ruthless when it comes to grabbing dust and dirt and holding it tightly in those little fibers; this can actually be a bad thing when it comes to screen care, though.


Well, as you re-use the same microfiber cloth (you know the one – it’s that happy yellow color) you’ll be wiping a dust-filled, increasingly abrasive cloth across your beloved screen over and over. A bit like microscopic sandpaper working into the surface of your electronic device – yikes. 

Sure, you can wash out your microfiber cloth with warm water and let it air-dry before using it again (in all that spare time you don’t have) to combat this frustrating issue. Thinking about that brings us to our last great reason to ditch the microfiber cloth (if you haven’t lost it in a drawer somewhere already. 


3. Hassle Free Screen Cleaning Wipes 

Screen cleaning wipes are easy to use, on the go and you don't have to "do" anything to them to be guaranteed a clean and protected screen. Use it and then throw it out - quick, easy, no hand-washing or air-drying required - phew!

But wait, there’s more! 

They come in a neat little pack that you can store in your laptop bag and you get 12 Screen Cleaning Wipes in each pack! That means you are a lot less likely to find yourself fumbling through drawers in a cloth-finding-frenzy - hooray!

How to use Screen Cleaning Wipes

You probably know this already, but just in case, this is the best way to use these wipes. 

  1. First switch off the device – a black screen allows you to see the dust, dirt, and grime more clearly.
  2. Grab a Screen Cleaning Wipe and in one direction – either horizontal or vertical – gently but firmly wipe the screen – avoid going around in circles.
  3. Let it dry (there’s no need to rinse it off) and enjoy your crystal clean crystal screen once again!


Quick, easy, and effective – your eyes will thank you!

And there you have it, three great reasons to choose wipes over cloths: better cleaning, non-abrasive cleaning and hassle-free cleaning! Pretty great, right?

Because when it comes to caring for your TV, laptop, PC or tablet, every smart screen deserves a smart clean!