Where I live, we have hard water.  It leaves me with a very nice combination of soap scum and hard water deposits in my bathroom. Below, you can see a very flattering image of what my bathroom glass doors looked like before applying this awesome product.

In the past, I’ve tried every cleaner under the sun. I‘ll admit, I’m not the savviest when it comes to home cleaning.  I normally use dishwashing liquid to clean everything in my home from floors to countertops, cars, and bathrooms.

Below is the Shower with the Soap Scum. 

I tried Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover for my dirty bathroom because it’s scrub-free and contains no bleach. And it seemed to work on just about every surface including tile, glass, plastic, chrome, porcelain, stone and more. Better Homes and Gardens named it their “Best New Product” of 2014!

Applying the product was easy and straightforward.   First I sprayed directly onto the surface and allowed the product to penetrate for 2 to 3 minutes.

Next, I rinsed the area with water. As promised, there was no scrubbing necessary. There were a couple of really tough stains, so I repeated the process and it came right off the glass and tile.

It’s almost hard to believe – the soap scum just rinsed off with no scrubbing.