Oops, Fido Did it Again - Best Way to Get Rid of that Pet Mess in Your Carpet

One look in those adorable puppy eyes is enough to melt your heart. 

And one look at that beige rug in the living room is enough to sink it. 

Pet messes not only look awful and smell bad; they're the perfect spot for bacteria to set up shop and become a health hazard – ugh.

Not to worry, with these handy tips and tricks, you’ll be able to remove any pet stains (and their awful odors) from carpet or upholstery like a pro. Caring for your furry family member is hard enough work without worrying about stains and smells, right? 


Liquid Pet Stains 

The acrid, lingering smell of dog or cat urine is enough to turn anyone’s living room into a living nightmare!

Cleaning pet stains from carpet shouldn’t be a chore. Here’s our tips to tackle those stains – and that smell! – quickly and efficiently, so you can spend your time on more important things, like house-training that playful pup. Good luck!

  1. For fresh stains (the easiest to treat) use paper towel or an old rag to absorb as much of the urine as possible by laying it on the area and applying pressure.
  2. Next, grab your non-toxic Rejuvenate Carpet and Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover and generously spray it over the wet patch.

This enzyme-based stain remover gets to work right away breaking down organic substances (like urine), thereby eliminating the source of the smell and not simply masking it – yes!

  1. Gently agitate the product with a cloth or a sponge – for coarse, hard carpeting use a soft scrub brush.
  2. Allow the carpet stain remover to penetrate the area for 15 minutes before deciding whether to repeat the process. Once you’re happy, let it dry.
  3. Vacuum your carpet like normal and admire the results – the only spot left on your carpet, will be Spot himself!

Bonus: You don’t need to worry about rinsing off the product or leaving behind any watermarks because the enzymatic action of Rejuvenate Carpet Stain Remover digests the excess soap and the urine so that you aren’t left with ANY reminders of your pet's potty problem. Brilliant! 

“This is an excellent product. Better than any of the similar products you can get in the supermarket. I used it on stains my dog made two to three years ago, and they all disappeared.”

-        Charles M Davidson's 5-star review (Amazon)

Solid Pet Stains

Oh boy! Fingers crossed your indoor pet likes doing their business outdoors, but accidents do happen, and at some point, or another, there'll be poop (or vomit) on your rug.


The good news is that with the right cleaning product and a bit of forgiveness, everything will be just fine again – until the next thunderstorm, that is.

  1. First, you've got to be brave and remove the bulk of the accident. This is the toughest part. For “solid” messes; gloves, some paper towels and a plastic bag for easy disposal are some ideas.

Unfortunately some messes, like vomit, aren't quite solid – yikes! Get to them as soon as you can, before they dry and using something hard, like a firm piece of cardboard, scrape off as much of the mess as you can.

Oh, and you can do this. Keep telling yourself that. It’s important.

  1. Grab your handy spray bottle of Carpet & Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover and generously apply it to the whole area – and any other marks you see on the carpet, this stuff works on most stains!
  2. Work the product into the stain using a microfiber towel, sponge or soft brush.
  3. Let the product work for 15 minutes and then reapply if necessary – it all depends on the thickness of the carpet and the extent of the accident.
  4. Once you’re satisfied, let it dry and vacuum your carpet like normal.

Voila! Carpet and sanity restored!

Tip: For old and stubborn stains (the ones that leave you feeling hopeless), place a damp cloth over the stain after saturating the area with the spot and stain remover. Leave it overnight and be amazed in the morning! The moisture from the cloth keeps the enzymatic cleaning action working for longer, breaking down even the toughest stains.

“This is the best product ever for biological stains! Blood on my white sofa - gone. Cat urine smell - gone. Carpet/upholstery ring from cat hairballs - gone. I have a very sensitive nose and can't stand the fragrance of other cat cleaning products. And they don't work - re-marking in the same spot. Rejuvenate bio-enzymatic carpet & upholstery cleaner is a life saver…”

-        Robby’s 5-star review (Amazon) 

Pet Odors

You don’t always need to see stains to know that a beloved pet shares your space. 

Over time, sofas and rugs start smelling like the furry creatures who own them. Hair, saliva, sweat and waxy ears are the main culprits here, and let's be honest; some pets just smell worse than others – sigh. The good news is that removing that pet odor is quick and easy! 

  1. Vacuum the general area to remove as much hair and loose dirt as possible. Focus on places that your pet has claimed as theirs – you know the ones.
  2. Spray the area with Rejuvenate’s Carpet Spot and Stain Remover.
  3. Using a soft brush, work the product into the rug or upholstery to help penetrate the invisible organic substances and break them down.
  4. Go make some coffee (or play some fetch with your pup) and leave the carpet and upholstery cleaner tdo the hard work for you. This product is unscented, so you won't be left with any overpowering floral scents, your carpet and sofa will just smell like carpet and sofa again!
  5. Lightly vacuum the rug or sofa to remove any dirt or hair that the brushing may have loosened.

How easy was that?

Simply purrr-fect!

And here’s a final tip. If Fido or Fifi buried something in your couch or bed, see our common household stains article on how to remove stains from clothing and upholstery.

And there you have it – your complete guide to removing pet stains and odors from carpet and upholstery, and making them “new” again. It’s so easy when you’re using the right product, and it sure beats replacing all that expensive carpet at home! 

“I love this product. I have an older dog and when she stains our rugs or carpets, I can easily and perfectly remove the stains completely and am confident that my rug has not been harmed in any way.”

-        Deborah M’s 5-star review (Rejuvenate) 

Happy cleaning, animal lovers!