How to Remove the Top 5 Food Trend Stains from Clothing 

Do you follow the latest food trends, is the Food Network your favorite channel, or do you have 6 kinds of olive oil in your pantry? If you’re the first one in line when a new restaurant opens in your town, and friends and family turn to you when they’re looking for recommendations for locally sustained food, then you just might be a foodie!

The National Restaurant Association publishes a yearly survey on the hot new food trends for the upcoming year. Their 2017 chefs’ predictions included ethnic-inspired breakfasts, house-made pickles, house-made condiments and heirloom fruits and vegetables. 

Pre-Treat Those Clothing Stains!

The key to removing stains from clothing is to pre-treat them with a laundry stain remover, and work the product into the clothing, before washing. Depending on the delicacy or the durability of the fabric (silk vs jeans for example), you should use either a clean microfiber towel or a small brush (like an old toothbrush) to work the product into the stain.

So how do you remove exotic food stains such as purple potatoes, Sriracha hot sauce, kimchi and other trendy food stains from your clothing? With some of Rejuvenate’s Outrageous Stain Remover, and these top tips, we’ve got you covered!

1. Purple Foods

Think potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, corn, and asparagus. These foods, in their purple form, are packed full of nutrients and rich in antioxidants.

Spilling any of these foods on your clothes can have you reacting like you just spilled red wine on your new blouse! If you’ve just accidently dropped the contents of your acai bowl in your lap, don’t despair, the power of purple is here to help! 

Rejuvenate’s Outrageous Stain Remover acts as a powerful laundry pre-treater and will have that stain gone in no time.

  1. Rinse the item under hot water, working from the reverse side of the stain, to remove as much color as you can.
  2. Wring out excess water from the garment, then lie flat on top of a clean, dry towel.
  3. Pour some OutRageous over the stained area.
  4. Work the stain remover into the item, then let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse the garment out under warm water.
  6. If you still see signs of the stain, repeat the steps above.
  7. Once you’re happy with the results, launder the item as normal.


“This stuff works. I've used almost all the stain cleaners available - this one's new. I tried it on some difficult stains from my kids - this stuff works. I was actually surprised. Eliminated an old food stain that was sitting on a pair of blue jeans for a couple days. Very happy with my purchase.”

- Maria’s 5-star review, The Home Depot

1. Poke Bowls

Move over acai bowls, poke is taking over! How can something so tasty as a fish salad create such an awful mess? Traditionally made with chopped, raw tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bit of scallion and sesame seeds, what’s not to like!? 

How about oily brown sauce spilling onto your pants, that’s what!

Here’s how to remove greasy, oily stains from your clothes.

  1. Lay the item flat on a clean, dry towel.
  2. Saturate the stained area with OutRageous and really work it in using a microfiber towel.
  3. Check the garment’s label, then launder on the hottest setting safe for the fabric – the heat will help break down and remove the oil.  

“This product appears to work well. Used it on a polo shirt that had some grease stains and it washed up well. Easy to use and safe.”

- Kevin M’s 5-star review, Rejuvenate 

2. Green Smoothies

Just say no to fruit smoothies – 2017 is the year of the green power smoothie! Much healthier than a sugar-filled strawberry banana yogurt drink, smoothies made mostly with greens pack a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrients.

You can always add a bit of apple or carrot for an added bit of sweetness if desired, but it’s the spinach, Swiss chard, parsley and other greens that shine in these concoctions. Sorry kale, but you’re not the top contender for leafy green goodness anymore.

Why does the mention of GREEN have us cringing like the entire little league baseball team just returned from practice with their uniforms filled with grass stains? 

OutRageous to the rescue! The powerful stain remover tackles stains - lifting them from the surface - so all you have to do is wash them away.  

Removing Green Food Stains from Clothing

  1. Remove as much of the smoothie stain as possible by running under warm water.
  2. Pre-treat the stain with OutRageous and work it in, on both sides of the stain, using a soft brush or microfiber cloth.
  3. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes. For tougher stains, you can soak the entire garment in a bowl or bucket of water.
  4. Place the garment in the washer with the rest of your laundry (on a cold wash) and ta-da – the green goddess of drinks is no more!

Outrageous does it again!

3. Dinner for Breakfast

Cute little cups of yogurt and tiny bowls of fruit are becoming passé. When you’re looking for a hearty meal to get you going in the morning, more and more people are turning to delicious options like breakfast burritos with chorizo sausage, chimichurri steak with eggs or a vegetarian option like avocado and eggs on toast.

So, what do these foods have in common! The incredible, yet humble, egg! 

What’s a person to do when you dribble a forkful of yolky deliciousness down the front of your shirt? 

  1. Scrape off any excess egg yolk with a smooth item such as a butter knife.
  2. Dampen the stained area with cool water. Don’t use warm or hot water when cleaning an egg stain, as this will continue to cook the egg!
  3. Saturate the area with OutRageous and rub into the area with a clean microfiber towel.
  4. Let the item soak in cool water overnight, or at least 30 minutes.
  5. Wring out the water and check the stain. If necessary, rub a bit more Outrageous into the stained area.
  6. Head over to the laundry room and wash on a warm water setting. 

“This is the best stain remover I have ever used. I have gotten stains off of clothes with OutRageous that had been on them for a long time. Every stain I have tried it on has come off. No more throwing away stuff because you get some nasty stain on it.” 

- Gwen Ellison’s 5-star review, Amazon 

4. Turn Up the Heat

Hot and spicy foods, including hot sauces made from habanero, ghost, and other hot peppers are all the rage. This food trend is the perfect tie-in with the dinner as breakfast trend. There’s nothing like a splash of Sriracha chili sauce to take your burritos, chimichangas, and enchiladas to the next level.

So, go ahead and take a bite out of that hard-shell taco – CRUNCH! Watch out, there’s a glob of spicy red goo heading for that new white shirt – YIKES!

  1. Rinse out the stain from the inside out under cold, running water. This will help flush the hot sauce out of the garment.
  2. Pre-treat with Outrageous and gently rub the liquid into the stain.
  3. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse well with cold water.
  4. If you still see signs of the stain, repeat the above steps.
  5. Launder as usual. 

“I’m impressed! This stain remover says what it does and does what it says. Again, I am impressed. My first time ever trying a stain remover, pre-treater. I'm so used to just pouring in the detergent and that's it. Now I can see why people pre-treat clothing. This newbie has learned something. I like it, it smells great and it works! I do recommend this and also, a little bit goes a long way.” 

-  BrooklynDiva55’s 5-star review, The Home Depot

5. Fermented Foods and Beverages

2017 is a big year for fermented foods such as kimchi, tempeh, miso, and kombucha. Naturally fermented foods are full of probiotics that boost immunity and improve digestion. 

Fermented food rules!

So, what’s a person to do when you reach for that cup of kombucha tea and end up with half of it spilling on your tablecloth? 

While this seemingly innocent beverage looks just like tea, the effects can be much worse – so here are some great tips for cleaning up!

  1. The first thing to do is make sure the stain doesn’t dry out. Flush the stain out under cool running water.
  2. Saturate the area with OutRageous and work it into the stain using a clean microfiber towel.
  3. Launder the item on a cold wash.
  4. Check the item carefully before drying as heat will set the stain. Repeat the above steps if necessary before placing in the dryer.

“I bought some pickled beets at a salad bar. Bringing them in the house, bag leaked on white living room rug. Squeezed outrageous on the stains - gone in a minute, no scrubbing! Also, worked on days old mustard and blood stains! Awesome product!” 

- Fred’s  5-star review, The Home Depot 

Okay, you’ve got this! Now sit back, breath and enjoy your next gourmet meal. Keep a bottle of Rejuvenate’s OutRageous Stain Remover in your laundry room and you’ll never have to worry again!