Stay tuned for great house cleaning advice on how to remove 5 everyday clothing stains, the easy way, to keep your home looking fabulous!

Maintaining a beautifully clean home would be SO much easier if people didn’t live in it, right?


Want some good news?

With a bit of OutRageous Stain Remover (and a few handy laundry cleaning tips) those stubborn household laundry stains will be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to keep your home looking beautifully clean – and keep your friends wondering how you do it!

1. Oil/Grease Stains

Oh boy! Whether it’s oil from cooking, or grease from DIY car repairs in the driveway, dealing with stains on your clothing can leave you feeling miserable. 

We’ve got you covered; just follow these simple steps to remove grease stains from your clothes.

Light Oil Stains

  1. Saturate the stained area with OutRageous Stain Remover.
  2. Launder on the hottest wash safe for the fabric – the heat will help break down the oil.

Heavy Grease Stains

  1. Lay the item face down.
  2. Place a couple of paper towels underneath the stained area – the towels will help absorb any excess oil.
  3. Saturate the underside of the item with OutRageous.
  4. Keep applying more paper towels until there is no more grease to remove.
  5. Launder the garment on the hottest wash safe for the fabric.

And there you have it – the only grease left in your home should be your vintage copy of the movie! 

“This is a great product. My husband has been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. It is the only product that removes oil and grease splatters…”

- “BV’s” 4-star review, The Home Depot

2. Ink Stains

Ugh. Is there anything worse than a leaking pen?

How about a leaking pen in the pocket of your shirt?

With some OutRageous and a couple of stain-busting moves, it’s possible to save that shirt from the trash.


  1. Lay the stain face down on paper towels.
  2. Saturate the area behind the stain with OutRageous.
  3. Keep replacing the paper until no more ink is absorbed.
  4. Repeat the above steps until you’re satisfied with the results.
  5. Launder the item in a cold wash (avoid heat as this will help set the stain).

The stain should be a lot lighter at this point and may continue to fade with frequent pre-treating and washing – fingers crossed!

“My go to product for laundry stains. I haven't found anything that this doesn't get out. I had dye transfer on 3 shirts, and this got that all out. It has saved so many of our clothes.”

- SN Shoemaker’s 5-star review, The Home Depot

3. Candle Wax Stains

Candles are a wonderful way to create ambiance and a romantic feel in your home – and they're pretty handy in blackouts too!

At some point or another, you will have to deal with spilled candle wax. Here's how to remove wax from clothing.

  1. Let the wax cool, then flake off as much as possible with a butter knife (or finger nail).
  2. Place the stain face down on some paper towels and apply a hot iron to the reverse side of the stain to help remove the remaining wax.
  3. Using warm water and a brush, work OutRageous into the stain.
  4. Launder on the hottest wash safe for the fabric.

Hopefully, armed with the confidence to handle these stains like a pro – you’ll be enjoying more candle-lit dinners at home!


“Best stain remover ever!”

- Murray's 5-star review, The Home Depot

4. Water Stains

 Isn’t it ironic that water can leave marks on fabric? 

Water stains are often caused by using soapy water to sponge or dab a mark. The water dries leaving behind a soap residue in the form of an ugly, ring-like stain, which usually looks worse than the mark you were trying to remove!

Sound familiar? Don't worry; OutRageous can help you out.

  1. Wet the stain with a damp cloth.
  2. Saturate the area with OutRageous.
  3. Rinse out the OutRageous with water.
  4. Dry the fabric straight away using a hair-dryer or a dryer on a gentle heat setting.


“Had a water stain in my carpet for 5+ years. Only product to ever get it out. Great purchase. Saved me a couple of thousand dollars on a new carpet. Highly recommend this product!”

- Eric’s 5-star review, The Home Depot

5. Pet Stains

They may be man’s best friend, but it’s not so nice when they make a mess inside the home!

Tackle pet stains (urine, vomit, and poop) the easy way with OutRageous, and keep your home looking as good as new!

  1. Remove as much of the “substance” as possible (I bet you wish you could skip this step!)
  2. Saturate the area with OutRageous, for severe stains, work it into the fabric with a brush.
  3. Launder the item on a cold wash.

BONUS: OutRageous smells amazing, helping to rid your home of the pungent smell of old animal odors once and for all – hooray! 

And there you have it – your guide to everyday household stain removal. There’s enough to do during the day without spending hours on dirty laundry. Without question, every home should have a bottle of OutRageous on hand for life’s little messes.

Now go enjoy your family and your home, make new memories and remember:

Life happens. OutRageous helps!



- Ron's 5-star review, The Home Depot


NOTE: OutRageous is a powerful laundry pre-treater, we recommend that it only be used on items that can be laundered to remove all traces of the stain remover from the fabric. Many happy customers apply OutRageous to stains on rugs and sofas with great success. Should you choose to use the product in this manner, please take care to thoroughly rinse out the stain remover to prevent any possible contact with skin.