Cleaning School Uniforms

It’s just about time to think about heading back to school – wow! Already? Does your children’s school have a dress code or require your son or daughter wear school uniforms? Then you know how expensive it can be to outfit everyone in time for the first day at school.

Here are some great tips from Rejuvenate® on how to use OUTrageous™ Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater to keep those uniforms looking like new. Don’t throw out those old school uniforms, while your oldest son may have outgrown his clothing from last season, his younger brother may be the perfect fit!

Instead of going out and buying all new school clothing, a thorough wash and dry should have them back to new in no time. Use OUTrageous to pre-treat and remove any old stains before tossing the clothes in the washer.

Read our 7 Best Tips for Removing Common Stains from School Uniforms blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to remove grass stains, mud stains, crayon stains, paint stains, blood stains, glue stains and chocolate milk stains from your children’s clothing.

Recycling School Uniforms

Kids often outgrow their school uniforms by the end of the year, but otherwise the clothing is still in good condition. Unless the uniforms are torn beyond repair, you might want to look into how they can be recycled for the next school year, instead of throwing them in the trash.

The easiest way to recycle school uniforms is to hand them down to a younger brother or sister. Stained uniforms will benefit from a pre-treatment of OUTrageous and a good cleaning before being passed on to the next generation of students.

Ask about your school’s uniform buy back or take-back policy. A pop-up shop organized by the PTA can be a great way to get rid of gently worn blazars, jackets and other items still in good condition while letting other parents purchase school uniforms at a reduced rate. The idea is for parents to donate the outgrown clothing to the school with all proceeds from the sale benefitting the school.

If the school doesn’t offer this program, you can always reach out to the other parents and host your own uniform exchange. This is a great way for families with new students to get school uniforms at a reduced price! If your kids are resistant to wearing used, second-hand clothing, tell them the retro/vintage clothing look is kind of a big thing!

Great Stain Removal Tips

If you’re looking for more stain removal tips, check out our companion article: The OUTrageous Way to Remove Stains from Work Uniforms on the Rejuvenate blog. That article includes great how-to tips for removing paint, grease, blood, sweat and grass stains from medical scrubs, work shirts, coveralls and other uniforms.

Rejuvenate to the rescue!