Whether it’s a laminate floor cleaner or a highly recommended vinyl floor cleaner, If you’re tired of products not meeting your expectations, keep reading to see why a floor cleaner from Rejuvenate should be the last stop in your floor cleaner search.

 They have an earth-friendly floor cleaner for most floor types

Whether your home is covered in carpet, hardwood floors, even stone floors, Rejuvenate has a floor cleaner to keep the foundation of your home continuously clean. Even if you’re dealing with the dirtiest tile and grout, Rejuvenate is ready with a safe yet powerful formula for your floors. Using mostly PH-balanced, water-based formulas means your floors are in good hands and your hands are nowhere near dangerous chemicals.

 All of their floor cleaners are easy to use

There’s no need to stress over how long it will take to clean your floors. With a Rejuvenate professional floor cleaner, you’ll have the results you want in no time, no clunky equipment or lengthy procedures necessary. Most of the floor cleaners you’ll find are a spray and mop solution, giving you a quick way to make your floors shine. Rejuvenate offers every bottle and cleaning tool you’ll need to get the professional results you’ve been looking for over the years.

 No bucket, no mop, no mess

The beauty of these products is being able to leave your floors undoubtedly clean. Without the mop and bucket, you eliminate the inevitable scenario of pushing around dirty water and having to go over the same floor with another supplementary cleaner. Get the job done once with your floor cleaner of choice.

 You get professional results every time

One product that stands out is the tile and grout cleaner. You can have the brightest tiles but if your grout shows years of build-up, they’ll never look their best. The tile and grout cleaner is a winner for its safe formula, fool-proof method, and incredible results. Although I’m raving about this one (who doesn’t appreciate a good grout cleaner?) all of Rejuvenate’s products are developed to provide professional results for a fraction of the cost.

A Great Substitute For The Usual Laminate Floor Cleaner

A good laminate floor cleaner can be hard to come by. So when people ask about an alternative laminate floor cleaner, Rejuvenate always comes to mind. Their floor cleaner handles a variety of floors, including laminate. So when you’re ready for a laminate floor cleaner that can get the job done, use one that millions of people have used and enjoyed for years. 

Need A Vinyl Floor Cleaner?

The luxury vinyl floor cleaner is also a GREENGUARD product that was developed specifically to treat even the most recent additions to the vinyl floor family, like LVT. This vinyl floor cleaner follows the same spray and mop process as other products and won’t leave any streaks or residue so you can enjoy, that look like new no matter how old they really are now. Discover your brightest floors with Rejuvenate’s luxury vinyl floor cleaner.