The creative team at Rejuvenate Products has been busy creating a series of articles to focus on Rejuvenate OUTrageous Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater. We are proud to announce that the OUTRageous laundry cleaning guide is here with great tips on cleaning uniforms and how to get stains out of white clothing.

OUTrageous is the perfect solution for cleaning common, and not so common, stains from clothing. Use the most powerful stain remover on the market to treat even the toughest stains including blood stains, chocolate stains, grass stains, mud stains and more.

Laundry Stain Removal Guide

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In case you missed our previous posts in this stain remover series, we've included a summary and link to each of our OUTRageous Laundry Cleaning articles

We've also made it easy to clean stubborn stains from your laundry, linens and uniforms and whiten clothes without bleach. Simply click on the appropriate link (like "How to Remove Blood Stains") and you'll be whisked away to all you needed to know on how to wash jerseys and make white shirts white again.

OUTrageous is gentle and safe enough to use on all your clothing and linens!

young boy eating ice cream cone with OUTrageous next to him

How to Remove 5 Decadent Dessert & Drink Stains the Smart Way

Is there anything more comforting and indulgent than beautiful food? We make memories around it, we share our stories with each other, and it’s during meals that we find refreshment and joy. We also make a mess! Here’s how a little Rejuvenate OUTrageous Stain Remover, and a few tips and tricks, can remove dessert stains from clothes so you can focus on the important things, like making memories.

Removing Drink & Dessert Stains

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The Outrageous Easy Way to Remove 11 Common Sports Stains from Clothing

Here’s your complete guide to handling spring sports stains the outrageously smart way – so you can spend more time on the stands cheering, and less time cleaning dirty laundry. The good news is that with a bottle of OUTrageous Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater, and a bit of know-how, those clothing stains will be history!

Removing Sports Stains

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Keep Your Home Looking Fabulous; How to Remove 5 Common Household Stains from Clothing

Stay tuned for great house cleaning advice on how to remove 5 everyday laundry stains, the easy way, to keep your home looking fabulous! With a bit of Rejuvenate OUTrageous Stain Remover (and a few handy cleaning tips) those stubborn household stains will be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to keep your home looking beautifully clean – and keep your friends wondering how you do it!

Removing Common Household Stains

Mom and daughter doing each others makeup with OUTrageous near by

10 Tips & Tricks for Removing Makeup & Beauty Stains from Clothing

You deserve to look your best but what happens when your makeup and other beauty products find their way onto your clothes? Here are 10 great tips and tricks every stylish woman needs to know for using OUTrageous Stain Remover to clean makeup stains from blouses, pants, jackets, skirts and other apparel.

Removing Makeup & Lipstick Stains

OUTrageous on table by BBQ foods

The Easy Way to Remove 10 Outrageous Picnic & BBQ Stains

As the weather gets warmer it’s time to start planning some fun outdoor activities, like that family picnic you’ve been talking about since the holidays! Follow along as we share our 10 best ideas to remove common summertime food stains from clothing using Rejuvenate OUTrageous Stain Remover & Laundry Pre-Treater.

Removing BBQ & Picnic Stains

OUTrageous next to various schools supplies

7 Best Tips for Removing Common Stains from School Uniforms

Stained school uniforms? Don’t despair, OUTrageous Stain Remover and Laundry Pre-Treater comes to the rescue! OUTrageous works on dirt, oil, grass, flavored juice, food and other natural stains. The powerful pre-treater works to instantly separate the toughest stains from fibers and is suitable for all fabric colors, even white clothes.

Removing School Uniform Stains

OUTrageous on a lazy suzan that is surrounded by various cooking ingredients

Foodies Paradise; Removing Top 5 Food Trend Stains from Clothing

If you’re the first one in line when a new restaurant opens in your town, and friends and family turn to you when they’re looking for recommendations for locally sustained food, then you just might be a foodie! Here's our tips for using Rejuvenate's OUTrageous to quickly and effectively remove the top 5 food trend stains from clothing.

Removing Popular Food Trend Stains

OUTrageous on table in a mechanic shop

The Outrageous Way to Remove Stains from Work Uniforms

Why does it seem far easier to get stains on your work uniform than it is to remove them? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s how to tackle work uniform with a laundry pre-treater like OUTrageous by Rejuvenate.

Removing Work Uniform Stains

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