Great Ways to Stay Active This Fall 

Exciting news - fall is just around the corner! For many people autumn is their favorite time of year; what with the weather getting cooler, changing colors of the leaves and the prelude to the start of the holidays. Fall is a beautiful time of year and it’s a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the season. 

Today Rejuvenate® wants to share with you some fall fitness activities you can enjoy outdoors. It’s possible that you’ve already tried many of these fitness activities listed. Outdoor cleaning is another activity that can be added to the list of ways to stay active and fit and it's a great way to Rejuvenate® your home for the holidays.

Outdoor Fall Fitness Activities

Biking: Biking is a great way to get fit and stay fit, as well as a the perfect way to explore your neighborhood and nearby parks. Cycling is great cardio workout that also helps you build muscle as you exercise. It doesn’t matter if you live in a country setting, or in the city, it’s possible to ride your bike just about anywhere.

If you don’t have great bike lanes near you, pack up your bike and all your cycling gear and head to a local park. A quick search online and you are sure to find at least one that has bike friendly trails where you can cycle without having to worry about dodging traffic. Parks are also the perfect solution if you’re cycling with kids using training wheels or you have your toddler in tow in a front or rear mounted bike seat.

Hiking: National Forests and parks are great places to go for fall hikes. Hiking is good for all aspects of your health, from mental to emotional to physical. Hiking lets you clear your mind and sort things out all while getting fit. Pack a bag with water and a snack or two and start hiking - even 30-minutes a day can be extremely beneficial.

If you live in the city and don’t have ready access to scenic areas there’s no need to worry. Hiking isn’t limited to the forest and mountain areas  - how about hiking a nearby urban trail, go on an afternoon museum tour or stroll through the downtown art district.

Sports: No matter the sports fall is a great time to get outside and play. Frisbee, basketball, football, lacrosse, tennis and pickleball are all fantastic ways to stay active. Set aside some time to go out and play - it doesn’t matter how old or young you are sports are great ways to get fit and stay fit. 

Outdoor Cleaning: We know - this isn’t something many people think of when talking about enjoying outdoor fitness activities. Just as you would clean the inside of your home to get ready for winter, outdoor fall cleaning helps you prepare your lawn, garden and patio equipment for the cooler months ahead.

Cleaning vinyl siding and washing your exterior windows, doors and furniture not only cleans the outside of your home, it also doubles as a great way to exercise. There is no need to power wash your house - there are products available, like Rejuvenate© Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner, that make the chores easier.

Gardening: Whether you plant a vegetable garden, herb garden or a flower garden - weeding, planting, transplanting and harvesting are all great forms of exercise. Working outside in your yard is a good way to enjoy the outdoors, as well as, staying fit.

There’s more to gardening than meets the eye - you have stretching, reaching, squatting, and so many more exercises that are great for you. Rejuvenate’s Restorer Wipes helps bring back the shine to your faded yard, garden and lawn equipment before you store it away for the winter. And if you’re looking for a product to help seal small cracks and crevices on your sidewalks and driveways – try our indoor/outdoor Rejuvenate Porous Surface Sealer

Fitness is an important and key element to your health and staying fit. Outdoor fitness activities and fall go together just like pumpkins and pie. Take some time this fall to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with friends and family! Rejuvenate – Reveal the Beauty and Make it New Again!