Washing your house may seem silly but there are benefits that come with it. Other than having a nice clean exterior, you can actually preserve and prolong the life of your aluminum or vinyl siding. And who doesn’t want to improve the curb appeal of their home and impress the neighbors!

The buildup of dirt, debris, salts, and pollutants on the siding, trim, and moldings of your home can eventually cause more damage that you would think. The buildup of grime can cause mold, mildew, and even deterioration of your house.

Washing your house at least once a year, with Rejuvenate Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner, will help improve the life and quality of your home and outdoor items. Today we’d like to share with you how to wash your house with ease – with a simple spray on and rinse clean formula.

How to Clean Your Homes Exterior

1. Pre-rinse: Start on the highest point of your home and using your hose or a pressure washer (with the right cleaning supplies you won’t need a pressure washer), rinse as much of the dirt and debris away as you can. This will make the job much easier than you would think. Just a quick spray will do - it doesn’t have to be anything too intense. 

2. Spray-Wash: Find an eco-friendly cleanser that is safe for the environment, your pets and any flowers or plants growing around your home. Most outdoor house cleaners come in a spray bottle as a concentrated formula. Simply attach your hose and spray away starting from the highest point and work your way down. If you have any deep or dark stains you can use a soft to medium bristled scrub brush and give it a nice scrub.

3. Rinse: Some cleaners just need to sit on the surface for a little while before you spray them off. Whether you have to do a little scrubbing, or none at all, it’s wise to give the house a final rinse to make sure there is no dirt or grime left behind to wreak havoc on your home. If you notice some spots that are still dirty give it another spray, wash and then rinse.

4. Windows: If you can find a 2-in-1 cleaning solution that can be used on both your home’s exterior and windows, such as this outdoor window cleaner, that is great. If not then you may have to purchase them separately and it might cost a little more. If you have a spray-wash for the windows you will treat them the same as the exterior of the home only after the final rinse you may want to wipe them dry to avoid streaking.

5. Restore & Renew: Now that everything is good and clean it’s time to use some renewer, restoring, and protective cleaner or wipes. Some solutions are safe on all materials while others aren’t so be sure to read the labels.

Using Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes will help keep your lawn and garden equipment clean and safe from oxidation, fading, water damage and normal wear and tear. Items like your grill, mailbox and outdoor patio furniture can become sun-damaged, cracked, and mold and mildew damaged so it’s good to use a protective solution that seals in the good and keeps out the bad.

Outdoor cleaning supplies that are designed for the task at hand will help you spend less time and energy on cleaning chores. It is important to keep your home and outside gear clean and safe in order for them to last through the years without any issues.

We hope these tips on how to clean the outside of your house have been of some help. Happy Cleaning!