Why it’s a good idea to seal porous surfaces around your home.

Porous surfaces make up a large part of the structure and exterior of your home. You want them to look neat, age well and last, right?

Brick, concrete and asphalt are naturally porous, and over time, those tiny holes collect moisture and dirt – that spells trouble!

When that moisture freezes in colder climates, it expands and causes the surface to crack – ouch! In warmer climates, it encourages the growth of ugly mold and algae (even weeds) – ugh!

Here are three important reasons to seal those porous surfaces around your home – using Rejuvenate® Porous Surface Renewer Sealer - and why you can’t afford not to!

1. Restore the Surface

In most cases (unless it’s a new-build) the porous surfaces around your home will have aged. They even may be dirty or damaged in some areas - cracked, stained, or black and green with algae.

By removing surface dirt and applying a sealant, you’ll be filling in those cracks, effectively restoring and conditioning the surface! It isn’t often that you can reverse damage, but by sealing the porous surfaces around your home, you’ll be undoing years of wear and stopping cracks in their tracks!

It’ll also look ten times better than it did before – smooth, neat and polished!


2. Protect the Surface

Sealing the surface provides a layer of protection that serves as a strong barrier between the harsh weather elements and your material.

With those tiny holes filled in and sealed, the porous surface becomes smooth and impenetrable! Think of it as a shield on top of the surface – stains will simply wipe off (no more worrying about the oil leak on your old truck), water will wash away, and dirt won’t be able to collect on your newly sealed porous surface.

Stains, cracks, algae? Bye!

3. Enhance the Surface

The thin film that forms the seal on your surface doesn't just restore and protect the surface; it adds a gentle and new-looking sheen to it. That means that your concrete will not only be more durable, but it'll also look neater, fresher, and newer too.

Preventative maintenance is the easiest, most cost-effective way to take care of your home and when it comes to porous surfaces, sealing them prolongs their life, keeps them looking neat, and cuts your cleaning maintenance work in half!

Sealing those porous surfaces becomes an even more attractive option when you find out how easy it is! Seriously.

Sealing Porous Surfaces Around Your Home

This simple process should be repeated every year (especially in areas that experience high foot traffic) – if you live in a cold climate, it’s best to do this before the winter. Here’s how to seal porous surfaces using Rejuvenate® Porous Surface Renewer and Sealer.


1. Deep Porous Surface Cleaning

If the porous surface you want to seal is heavily fouled up with dirt, mold or algae – give the area a good scrubbing or use a pressure washer for really deep cleaning. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before applying the sealant - you don’t want to trap water inside the surface!

2. Outdoor Surface Renewer & Sealer

It comes in a handy spray bottle, ready to use (no messy mixing, drying times or sticky residue)! Safe to use around plants and pets, it’s designed for use on bricks, concrete, asphalt and even vinyl and aluminum. One bottle covers 650 sq. ft.

3. Seal the Surface with Rejuvenate

Start from one side of the area and work your way across. Evenly spray the sealant over the porous surface and take care not to miss any spots. Doing this on a sunny day will help you see where you’ve sprayed and will make it a lot more pleasant too!

4. Consider a Second Coat of the Sealer

Depending on the condition of the surface (has it been treated before?) and its porosity (is it quite rough or crumbly?) it might be a good idea to apply a second coat. Considering how simple it is and how far one bottle of the renewer and sealer goes, it’s always a smart move!


Spray-on protection - it doesn’t get easier than that!

Renew your sidewalk, protect your porch and fix those foundation bricks in a few simple steps. Sealing porous surfaces will quickly become your favorite preventative maintenance routine around your home. If only all outdoor home maintenance chores could be conquered with a handy spray bottle!

Happy sealing, homeowners!