Professional Strength Rubberized Repair Tape from Rejuvenate®

Make quick work of your next repair job with PERMANENT FIX™ Tape from Rejuvenate Products!

Are you looking for an all-in-one product that instantly and quickly fixes and repairs leaks? If there’s no time to call a plumber, but you’re afraid those leaky pipes are going to flood out your basement, try repairing the damage with PERMANENT FIX. The professional strength tape, with a thick rubberized backing, is the perfect tool for the job. 

The waterproof, rubberized tape is an incredibly strong adhesive that forms a permanent bond to anything you stick it to: PVC pipes, garden hoses, plastic buckets, roof tiles, personal watercraft and more. Choose PERMANENT FIX for all your indoor, outdoor and home repair projects - it can also be used under water or in high moisture areas to stop leaks instantly. Simply cut to fit, peel away the backing and stick to fix for quick and easy repair jobs.

Superior Holding Power of PERMANENT FIX Tape

Stop using inferior products to repair your leaky pipes – duct tape only offers a temporary fix – and will eventually come unstuck. So, unlike other tapes, which can lose their adhesive properties over time, PERMANENT FIX™ is just that, a permanent fix. The superior holding power of this repair tape is NOT effected by heat, sun, moisture or water so you never have to worry about it coming unstuck.

  • UV resistant – won’t fade, crack or peel in sunlight
  • Waterproof – use in high moisture and humid applications
  • Flexible – won’t crack or tear no matter where it’s applied
  • Permanent bond – stick it and fix it
  • Seal, patch, repair – instantly stops leaks
  • Environmentally friendly – VOC free
  • 4” W x 5’ L – enough for multiple repair jobs


PERMANENT FIX Tape Product Details

Quickly seal, fix and repair leaky/broken/missing roof tiles, PVC pipes, plastic buckets, boats, inflatables and more. Each roll of the repair tape measures 4-inches wide by 5-feet long - perfect for multiple repair jobs.

  • Works under water
  • Perfect for boat, marine and other water sport repairs
  • Camping equipment and other outdoor gear
  • Garden hoses and other lawn and garden equipment
  • Automotive and mechanical repairs
  • Basement pipes and interior plumbing
  • RV, camper and mobile home repairs 

Just Stick It To Fix It!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to use this professional strength repair tape. Just CUT, PEEL and STICK:

  1. CUT – leave backing on tape and cut to desired size
  2. PEEL – remove the backing and apply to a clean surface
  3. STICK – press firmly to remove any bubbles or air pockets

Rejuvenate PERMANENT FIX™ creates a super strong bond that seals out water, air and moisture to form a permanent, waterproof bond. Once applied it can’t be repositioned - so, make sure to leave the backing on the tape until you are ready to apply.

PERMANENT FIX™ -it and forget it! Make quick work of leaky pipes and other home improvement and DIY repair jobs with PERMANENT FIX™ tape from Rejuvenate products.