The end of August can only mean one thing if you own a fur baby that barks – it’s time to celebrate National Dog Day! That’s right folks there is a day designated once a year to celebrate your furry canine friends. The love you may have for your dog is strong, they depend on you, they are there for you when you cry, and they never pass judgment (although they may pass a little gas from time to time).

Dogs of all shapes and sizes certainly bring joy and laughter into our lives. Sure, they can be pretty messy with all the flying fur, muddy paw prints, slobber, nose prints on the windows, and those ultimate uh-oh moments but there’s so much more! Spending time with your pets is just as important as spending time with your family and friends. So on National Dog Day (always celebrated on August 26th) make sure you have some fun planned for you and your fur baby, the mess can always be cleaned up tomorrow with Rejuvenate’s Carpet Stain Remover.

5 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

1. Pet Grooming Spa

In the heat of the summer it’s a good time to give your dog a nice bath and grooming at the local pet groomer. Trimming their fur will help you in the long run since there will be less fur flying around your home to clean up. Give your canine the works! Trim their nails, brush their coat, bathe them, and add a little massage therapy and your dog will be pleased. Well, they might protest the doggy spa treatment at first, but there are many dogs who actually enjoy a nice bath from time to time.

2. A Day At The Park

Dogs love playtime just as much as anyone. Load up the car with the dogs and kids and head to the park for a day full of fun. Pack a picnic filled with treats that both humans and puppies will enjoy. Bring everyone’s favorite toys (ball, Frisbee?) so you can really enjoy the day out. Even if it’s raining out a bit of mud has never hurt anyone. Besides, there are all sorts of products that will help you clean up those muddy paw prints with ease.

3. Fetch Frenzy

Not all dogs like to play fetch but there are a lot of them that do. If you’ve got a dog that loves to play fetch, get out there and toss that ball around! Take some extra time to throw the ball or Frisbee for your dog. They will love it and thank you for it! Just make sure you’ve got some cool water for them so they don’t get overheated. Make their day special for the both of you.


4. Swimming

Whether you’ve already got a pool or you go out and get a kiddie pool for the occasion if your dog’s a water lover they will definitely have some fun with it. If you don’t mind sharing with your dog you can both jump in for a dip in the pool and if you have little ones around they’ll enjoy it as well. And if you live near the water, check to see if there are any dog-friendly beaches in your town.

5. Dog Party

Who let the dog’s out? Call all your canine loving friends and family and invite them and their dogs over for a cookout and some play time (as long as all the dogs involved are friendly – you don’t want a party pooper – and make a day of it. There is bound to be a mess to clean up but it’s ok. Here are some handy cleanup tips on how to remove pet stains and pet odors from carpets.

Sometimes we become so busy in our own daily activities that our pets get a less attention than they deserve. Our pets are part of our extended family and August 26th is a day to celebrate with our furry friends! Dogs can be stinky and messy from time to time but the bond created and the value they bring to your life make the mess worth the trouble. Happy National Dog Day!!