It’s funny how as you get older, things that get you excited are way different than when you were younger. After hearing the news that I’d be testing out the new Rejuvenate Click N Clean Multi Surface Spray Mop System, I couldn’t wait until it was finally delivered. Ask me a few years ago if I’d be anxiously waiting for a cleaning mop to be dropped off at my door and I would have called you crazy!

But here I am, giddy and excited that I have a new go-to cleaning mop! I’m by all means no neat freak and try to put off cleaning my home as much as the next person, but the truth is that when you have kids, that’s all you seem to do! With two young boys under the age of five running around, my house gets dirty fast, so if I’m not on top of my cleaning chores, my house becomes a complete and utter mess. That’s why I’m always looking for the easiest and fastest solution when it comes to cleaning…and that’s exactly what I got when I used Rejuvenate’s new spray mop!

Speed Clean Your Entire Home With Ease

Before the Click N Clean dust mop came into my life, I had several different mops for a variety of things. I had my dust mop that I’d use to pick up debris on my floor and then have an entirely different one to actually mop my floors clean. But now I only need one handy cleaning mop that does it all! It seriously comes with everything you need to get your floors clean in one convenient kit, making cleaning a heck of a lot easier and faster than ever before.

Works On A Variety Of Surfaces

Plus, the spray mop works on a variety of floor surfaces, including tile, hardwood, laminate, marble, grout, vinyl and more, so you can use in every room of your home. My home has tile floors in the kitchen, family room and entry way, with vinyl in my sitting room and game room, which meant I had to use two different mop systems to get them clean, plus a totally different mop to pick up the dust beforehand. But now, all I do is change out the cleaning solution and the microfiber pad with this amazing Click n Clean system!

The Best Spray Mop EVER!

I’m just going to go out and say it – this is the best spray mop I’ve ever tried and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. I was actually in the market for a new one (which only added to my excitement of receiving the package) and am so glad my previous mop broke because it would have just sat in my cleaning closet collecting dust once I discovered this one. Powerful cleaning formulas combined with one easy-to-use cleaning mop equals faster cleaning. Once you try the Rejuvenate Click N Clean Multi Surface Spray Mop System, you’ll never want to use anything else ever again!