Cleaning to many is more of a chore than an enjoyment. It’s definitely not something they do for fun, that’s for sure! But it’s something that has to be done unless you want to live in filth and no one wants to do that. But just because cleaning is a boring and tedious chore, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! You can get a sparkling home and have fun at the same time – you just need to spruce up your cleaning regime so that’s it’s a fun instead of a lackluster chore.

Here are some tips on how to make cleaning more enjoyable:

1. Pick a theme -  Just as you would choose a theme for a special party, why not do that for when you clean? You can easily choose something fun and then have your family dress up in whatever costumes or garb you have and play music as the soundtrack to your cleaning theme. By making cleaning silly, you’ll forget that you’re actually doing boring work and will have some fun while doing boring chores around the home.

2. Involve the family -  Cleaning on your own can get boring and make it hard to get through, but if you get your family involved, you’ll be able to make it something that’s now a family affair. You’ll be able to teach your children how to properly keep a home clean and provide them with one-on-one instruction. They’ll not only learn how to clean, but you’ll also get some company while doing something that needs to be done. And you can even play cleaning games like making it a race to challenge your children to get them excited to do it.

3. Work it - Clean your home and burn some extra calories by making it a killer workout! Wear ankle weights while cleaning and try to incorporate various exercise moves like squats, jumping jacks and more to your cleaning routine.

And if you want to burn even more calories, try to quicken your movements to get your heart pumping faster for a quick cardio workout while cleaning. And don’t forget to incorporate easy-to-use products into the mix that make cleaning faster and more efficient like Rejuventate’s product line that takes the work out of housework!