When your floors are clean, the rest of your house will look clean too. To keep your floors looking their best, you’ll want to use the best product out there and that just so happens to be Rejuvenate’s No-Bucket Floor Cleaner!  Rejuvenate’s following swear by this floor cleaner and here are a few reasons why you’ll love it, too:

1. Works on all kinds of floors

Different types of floors require different types of cleaning products. But the great thing about Rejuvenate’s No-Bucket Floor Cleaner is that it works on a variety of floors including hardwood, laminate, tile and more. This means you can easily use just one product for all the floors in your home instead of having to buy a ton of different ones.

2. Great smell

Some products have very strong smells that are anything but appealing. Many smell like ammonia, bleach or some other horrible smell that makes you want to open all the doors and windows of your home to air it out. That’s not the case with Rejuvenate’s No-Bucket Floor Cleaner! You’ll absolutely love the clean lemon scent.

3. Gentle Formula

Thanks to its pH balanced neutral formula, it’s safe to use on hard surface flooring, but is still powerful enough to remove grease, grime and dirt. It will also neutralize old wax and cleaner residue that can be left behind from other products.  It will clean any floor and get rid of even the toughest dirt and grime without harming your floors. The gentle formula is safe for frequent use, which means you can use it every day if you want!

4. Streak free

Unlike other products, Rejuvenate’s No-Bucket Floor Cleaner leaves behind a beautiful streak-free shine that will add luster back to your floors. You’ll love how shiny they’ll look and won’t believe how long the shine will last.

5. No Bucket

Like the name suggests, you won’t need a bucket of dirty water when using Rejuvenate’s No-Bucket Floor Cleaner. Just spray directly onto the floor and then clean away!