Tile Epiphany: Anyone who has tile in their home has an “aha moment.” It’s when you’re forced to admit that your grout has reached the point of sheer embarrassment. After trying several cleaners with no success, the next step is usually an all-out quest for the best way to clean grout.

 Exactly what made you realize your grout was undeniably filthy may have been something as innocent as moving a piece of furniture and revealing floor that had not been trampled on for years. Or maybe while sprucing up your bathroom with a new shower curtain, you noticed a large patch of grout and tile above the showerhead that looked new. It’s frustrating to realize that everyday right in front of your eyes in the shower, grime had been building up on your bathroom walls without your notice. 


Don’t worry! No one is judging you, and there is a solution that works. But first, forget all of the advice you’ve probably found online that involves a lot of measuring and mixing all sorts of household products. Most products either create a temporary fix or something that doesn’t work at all.


It’s because dirt doesn’t just sit on top of grout. Grout is porous, so it absorbs dirt. And unlike a sponge you can’t wring the grime out of the grout.


Without knowledge of the best way to clean bathroom tiles or the best way to clean tile floors, it’s nearly impossible to maintain grout’s original color. In the best case, your grout is dingy and gray. In the worst case, it’s almost black.


The good news is, there really is a best way to clean grout and it doesn’t require a complicated DIY mixture. Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner makes cleaning tile grout easy, safe and long lasting.  


How does it work? It’s pretty amazing, actually. The patented bio-enzymatic formula in Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner uses “good” bacteria to “eat” the dirt that lives in your grout and on your tile. This means the dirt, grime and grease on your tile floor disappear.


Even though Rejuvenate’s revolutionary formula took a lot of brainpower to develop, using it requires little effort. It’s simply the best way to clean tile floors and the best way to clean bathroom tiles.


The unique earth-friendly cleaner is odorless and acid-free. This is good news for you and your tile. Chemical odors are not only unpleasant but they can also be toxic. Acid-based cleaners can etch your tile, leaving it permanently damaged. The best way to clean ceramic tile on your floor is easy and doesn’t require you to resort to cleaning grout with bleach. 


Difficult and stubborn stains aren’t limited to just your floor. Bathroom grout greys quickly, no matter how much you squeegee or scrub. The culprit? Natural oils from your skin and moisturizers in soap build up on your shower walls. This grime on your grout and tile is stubborn and won’t go away with bleach. If you don’t like cleaning grout with bleach, you’ll appreciate Rejuvenate as safe and odorless alternative for cleaning tile grout. 


How to Use: So how do you use Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner? Just shake the bottle well and squeeze the gel-like cleaner onto your grout and let science get to work. For instant results, let it penetrate for at least 5 minutes, and then scrub with a grout brush. For your last step, just wipe away the cleaner with a damp microfiber mop. For truly effortless results, let the cleaner sit overnight.  


Something else you’ll love … long after you’re finished, Rejuvenate keeps working. In fact, Rejuvenate’s grout cleaner keeps working until your grout is restored to its original color. This is possible because, as we pointed out earlier, grout is porous.


Grout actually becomes “one with dirt.” That’s why after a lot of unsuccessful “scrubbing marathons” you’ve realized that cleaning grout with bleach doesn’t work. Other products have also made cleaning tile grout seem impossible. You end up just moving the dirt back and forth, or worse, driving it deeper into the grout.


Rejuvenate actually counts on the fact that grout absorbs dirt. Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner works by separating the grout and the dirt. Next, the enzymatic cleaner creates useful bacteria that literally “eat the dirt.” And voilà your grout and tile instantly look as good as new. Effortless beauty really does come in bottle! Rejuvenate is the proven method for cleaning tile grout with the added bonus of being kind to the environment.