Let’s be honest, how often do you clean your stainless appliances and garbage disposal? Not often is most likely because these two spots aren’t a priority like your kitchen floors, counters or dishes. But just like any other surface in your kitchen, they need to be cleaned, too! In reality they can be easy to clean. Why, because the best stainless steel cleaner and garbage disposal cleaner from Rejuvenate make it easier to clean these surfaces than ever before!

The Right Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Your garbage disposal gets dirty and will start to smell when you don’t clean it regularly. Plus, using an ineffective garbage disposal cleaner can still leave behind foul smells that won’t go away no matter how much you clean it. Using the right garbage disposal cleaner is key to combating this annoyance and Rejuvenate offers just that. Your kitchen sink will smell fresher than ever thanks to three different scents that will rejuvenate your senses. The Rejuvenate garbage disposal cleaner comes in lavender, citrus or lemon scent and is safe to use weekly in order to maintain your kitchen’s garbage disposal. Once you use the garbage disposal cleaner for the first time, you’ll never want to use anything else again!

An Effective Drain Pipe Cleaner

Rejuvenate Disposal Pods aren’t only a garbage disposal cleaner. They also double as a drain pipe cleaner. It deodorizes your drains removing foul garbage disposal smells, while also acting as a powerful drain pipe cleaner. With its foaming action, this drain pipe cleaner will scrub away food and waste remnants left behind, making your pipes cleaner then before. These three scented drain pipe cleaners are also safe for septic systems, with the enzymes in the pods breaking down food waste, thus reducing the frequency of septic tank pumping. You’ll definitely be more than satisfied with Rejuvenate’s drain pipe cleaner!

The Best Stainless Steel Cleaner Around

If you want your stainless steel appliances to shine like the first day you bought them, you’ll want to use the best stainless cleaner on the market. Lucky for you, Rejuvenate offers just that! With Rejuvenate’s best stainless steel cleaner, you’ll be able to quickly polish and renew all of your stainless steel surfaces easily without the need for harsh scrubbing. You’ll see the fingerprints and smudges disappear when using the best stainless steel around!

Easy-To-Use Stainless Steel Polish

Unlike other stainless steel polish products on the market, Rejuvenate offers the most effective and impactful stainless steel polish that’s easy to use. To use the stainless steel polish, just pump the foam on the included microfiber towel applicator and rub in the direction of the grain. The stainless steel polish from Rejuvenate cuts through grease and grime to deliver a streak-free shine with minimal effort!