Living on your own means you don’t have to clean up after very many people. It’s just you and your mess, which you can easily clean at your own leisure since you have no one to impress or tidy up after. But I’m one of those people who like to keep a fairly clean and neat space. So, while it still gets messy during the week, I make sure to clean up on the weekends. I do, however, own a fur baby and his hair is another reason why I have to keep up with at least my floors! I get dog hair everywhere because of his long coat (he’s a golden retriever) and I desperately needed something to keep up with all the pet debris.

When Rejuvenate sent me the all-new Click N Clean Multi Surface Spray Mop System to try out I was expecting your average, run-of-the-mill dust mop that everybody makes these days. Boy was I wrong! I’ve had my share of cleaning mops over the years, but this cleaning mop was extremely different than any other mops.  Mainly because it included everything I needed to dust, mop, and scrub my floors in one convenient package.

A Dust Mop Perfect For Cleaning Pet Hair

My main concern was picking up my dog’s hair and the Click N Clean dust mop came with a unique dusting pad that made picking up hair in every corner of my apartment easier than ever! The microfiber dusting pad was powerful enough to attract and hold onto dirt and grime. After I was done, I changed out the pad to the included microfiber cleaning option to then give my floors a weekly cleaning with the Rejuvenate No Bucket Floor Cleaner (also included) and was surprised at how easy the transition from dust mop to spray mop was. Normally, I’d have to use separate products for this, but I loved how convenient and easy the seamless transfer process was! A big bonus was how the microfiber applicators are reusable after a simple wash, so I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on any dust mop refills.

The Best Spray Mop For Its Versatility

The Click N Clean spray mop really does it all! From dusting to mopping and even cleaning your grout with its handy click-on grout brush adapter. I have tile in my kitchen and never thought about cleaning my grout until I was sent this system. All you do is push a button and snap on the grout brush adapter. Then I gave my grout its first deep cleaning using their special grout cleaner. The spray mop works with the majority of their products and you can change them out to fit perfectly with its included bottle adapters (three to be exact), which made transitioning between Rejuvenate solutions and rooms seamless.

After trying it for a weekend, I can honestly say that the Rejuvenate Click N Clean spray mop will replace any of your other mop cleaning products. After one use, you’ll want to throw everything else you have in the trash since it’s the only cleaning mop you’ll ever need!