How to Clean and Maintain Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are a modern and trendy way to introduce that oh-so-glamorous wood-look into your home without breaking the bank – hooray!

Not only do these tiles look high-end and turn heads, but they're also resilient, easy to clean, and simple to care for – yes please!

Here are our top 9 tips to keep those vinyl planks, tiles or any kind of luxury vinyl flooring in your home clean and fabulous in the years ahead.

1. Use the Correct Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning luxury vinyl planks or tiles, the product you use will make all the difference.

Avoid harsh cleaners – detergents, abrasive compounds or anything containing ammonia. These products can damage the surface of your vinyl leaving it scratched, cracking or dulled, and you don’t want that!

Play it safe. Use a gentle, effective product designed to clean luxury vinyl. Rejuvenate’s Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner is pH-balanced, so it won’t damage the vinyl or leave any oily residue behind. Just a quick spray and mop and a lot of streak-free happiness.

2. Choose a Gentle Luxury Vinyl Cleaner

Add to that gentle cleanser, a gentle hand.

When cleaning your luxury vinyl, use a soft mop or cloth and don’t ever tackle spots or stains with steel wool or a hard brush – the result will be irreparable damage.

Tip: If you like to get stuck in and clean your home when you’re angry or frustrated, it’s probably a good idea to do the floors last.

3. Avoid Drenching Your Floors

While vinyl flooring is wonderfully water-resistant, it doesn’t like swimming.

Avoid complete drenching as the water can seep into the tiny grooves that separate the tiles or planks and affect the adhesive beneath. This can cause the tiles or vinyl planks to lift, ruining the look of your beautiful floor.

When accidents happen (rain comes in under doors, the boiler bursts or your kids go crazy in the bath, etc.) try to protect the flooring as best you can and mop up that excess water quickly.

4. Mop up Spills, Pronto!

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but there’s no harm in mopping it up quickly either!

Especially in living areas, things often land on the floor – food, drinks, “unknowns” etc. It’s a natural (and unfortunate) part of living in a home. When it comes to caring for your luxury vinyl flooring, mopping up these messes quickly can prevent long-term stains on that lovely floor.

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5. Don’t Forget the Doormat

While visitors are welcome, dirt most certainly isn’t.

It may seem like something small, but placing a doormat at the entrance to your home can limit dirt and chemicals from entering your home in a big way and keep those vinyl planks newer (and cleaner) for longer! Dust out or vacuum that doormat often to keep it effective and you won't look back!

Tip: For best protection, place a coarse, outdoor mat outside the house and a soft, fluffy, dirt-grabbing one just inside the entrance.

After all, the best kinds of measures to put in place, are preventative ones, right?

6. Get Swept Away!

Keeping dirt off your vinyl flooring not only keeps it looking good but it can prolong its life.


Well, dirt and grime on the surface, especially in areas of high foot traffic, is worn down into the vinyl under your family’s feet. This damages the surface of those handsome luxury vinyl planks making your floor age prematurely and become susceptible to further damage as time – and those feet – march on. Ouch!

Regular sweeping or vacuuming is recommended to keep those floors pristine for longer. If you prefer vacuuming, be sure to remove the “beater bar” as it can damage (scratch) the surface of your vinyl.

And remember, just keep sweeping, sweeping, sweeping…

7. Slippers for Your Furniture

When it comes to protecting your luxury vinyl flooring from scratches and scuffing, you need to remember that your furniture has feet too.

Granted, your furniture doesn't walk around (haunted house, anyone?) but it does get moved, and it does put pressure on those floors. To minimize the friction (and damage) on your vinyl flooring, invest in some furniture feet protectors – small felt stickers that act as cushions between your floor and the contact points on your furniture.

Vinyl coasters can also prevent long-term indentations in your vinyl flooring – this is especially useful under heavy pieces of furniture.

Bonus: floor protectors also decrease noise levels, so if you can't handle the screeching noise that chairs make as they’re pushed around (I see you nodding), you’re in luck!

8. Move Furniture with Care

For the DIY and experimental type home-owners, moving furniture around can be a fun, affordable way to change things up and enjoy new perspectives of your living space. Great!

It can wreak havoc with your vinyl flooring though. Not so great.

To prevent this from becoming your reality, first, give your floor a good sweep (so there's no grit waiting to do damage). Then use cardboard boxes, a plywood panel or even a rug beneath the piece of furniture as you move it. Try to lift it more than drag or push it – just being aware of your floor should be enough to keep it safe from damage.

Oh, and enjoy the new look – a change is as good as a holiday, they say!

9. Avoid Damaging UV Rays

Modern vinyl floor tiles or planks are designed to be super resilient, but years of UV exposure can take its toll. Especially if you’re nursing an older vinyl floor, you need to take special care to shade it from extreme sunlight.

Here are some ideas.

When you’re not home, draw the curtains or blinds to shade the area in question, there’ll be a particular time of day where the sunlight really bakes the flooring so try to make this a daily routine. Another option is to get hold of a trendy area rug to add a little character to the room while also protecting the flooring beneath it – it’s completely up to you.

And there you have it, our complete guide to cleaning and caring for luxury vinyl planks or tiles – the easy way.

Designers often describe the floor as the fifth wall of a room, and when cared for correctly, your luxury vinyl flooring will be a masterpiece that adds glamor to your living area (without the crazy price tag!), because your home should be a beautiful place.

It’s where you live after all.

Happy cleaning, happier living!

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