Is your home a constant mess?

Are you tired of seeing clutter everywhere you turn?

If you’re ready to free yourself from clutter, you should definitely take a look into the Kondo Method in the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” which is a New York Times Best Selling book on how to tidy up your life for good! It’s already sold more than 2 million copies and continues to change lives everywhere. Author Marie Kondo makes you question everything you own, asking you if your stuff makes you happy or “sparks joy” in your life. In the book, if it does, you keep it and if it doesn't you trash it. It’s a life-changing mentality and can finally get you the home you’ve dreamed of!

First, you clean by category and not necessarily by location. For instance, go by clothing and grab everything in your home as it relates to the category and dump it in one pile. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff you have… You probably don’t even wear it all! Now you pick up each item and hold it in your hands. Ask yourself if it sparks joy. However, the thing is you really have to think about it and not fool yourself. Don’t be impatient because the method won’t work for you. Be patient with your answer and really take the time to figure understand it.  Do this to every single item in your pile, so make sure you have enough time to finish the project. But once you do, you’ll notice yourself feeling pretty liberated as you see the toss pile grow and grow.

And there’s even advice in the book on how to cope with really hard items you feel guilty of getting rid of. If you’re on the fence about something and really think you should purge it but are having hard feelings, thank the item for bringing joy when you needed it and feel free to let it go. Once you let go of a few items, it’ll be easier to do it with the rest. In addition, you’ll realize how addictive it is and be surprised at how much you’ll be donating in the end!

Once you de-clutter and tidy up, you’ll also realize how much easier it is to clean your home, too!