Wood floors are classic and beautiful, adding a special touch to your home. But after many years and much use, they can really start to show their age. Instead of calling in a professional to come in work on your hardwood floor restoration, just do it yourself with a little help from Rejuvenate! Thanks to their specialized hardwood floor products, you can easily get professional results without having to hire an expensive contractor.

Hardwood Floor Restoration Made Simple

To get professional results at home, simply use Rejuvenate’s Professional Wood Floor Restorer (in either a Satin Finish or High Gloss Finish) for the best results possible. You’ll be able to breathe new life into your wooden floor thanks to its polyurethane-based formula that will restore years of wear and tear after just one application. Not only does it eliminate the need to sand the entire surface, but it works its magic by filling in dents and scratches. And it also resists stains and spills, adding in extra protection to your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Polish Added In

Not only will the Professional Wood Floor Restorer make your wooden floors like new, but it will also make them shine like never before! This hardwood floor restoration product goes on clear and will leave behind a beautiful satin or high gloss finish, depending on the formula you chose. There’s absolutely no waxy buildup that other restorers usually leave behind. Yet the formula still bonds to the original finish after one mop-on application, while leaving a shine that literally lasts for years. You won’t even need to use an additional wood floor polish!

Restore Wood Floors After One Application

As a leading hardwood restorer and protector, you’ll get professional results after just one mop-on application. Simply open the easy-pour spout and then mop over the entire hardwood floor surface…that’s it! And you can easily use it on all previously sealed hardwood floors since it will only give them added durability for all the extra wear and tear it’ll go through in the future. The results will last for months at a time, so you won’t have to restore any wood floors for at least six months or longer, depending on how shiny you’d like to keep them. So skip the professionals and just get yourself some Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer, which is all you’ll ever need for wooden floors that always look new!