I'm going to let you in on a little secret to show you how to polish wood floors like a pro. It won't take up an entire day and it won't break the bank. But first, let’s talk about the usual perceptions when it comes to wood floor polish. Traditionally, you had to polish them based on the finish of your hardwood floors and you couldn't use just any wood floor polish because doing so could do more harm than good.

To get a good satin finish, you had to get on your hands and needs to buff the entire floor just to prep. If you didn’t want to spend the rest of the day with back pain from that, you could have rented a buffing machine. Luckily, there are more practical ways to polish wood floors. Rejuvenate has the best hardwood floor restoration products to help you polish your wood floors. It’s versatile enough to use on multiple types of floors and still effective enough to restore and polish wood floors.

Start With Easy Hardwood Floor Restoration

One of Rejuvenate’s best products has hardwood floor restoration and a wood floor polish all in one. It’s called the Professional Wood Floor Restorer and it’s something anyone with hardwood floors should have. It’s one of those cleaning products that really does more that you’d expect it to. I’ve been considering doing some hardwood floor restoration after years of wear but also want to avoid the usual chemical-heavy products. And renting a buffing machine was not possible. 

I had heard about their hardwood floor restoration products and wanted to give this product a try. Getting that satin finish on hardwood was pretty basic. After sweeping the floor, I poured the restorer onto the floor and spread it around with a microfiber mop. It’s really that easy!

Then Get An Effortless Satin Finish

After restoring your floors, a satin finish is effortless. You can even choose the professional restorer with a high gloss finish if that’s what you prefer! With one bottle of Rejuvenate and a clean microfiber bonnet, polishing your hardwood floors is now easier than ever. Seal and protect your floors with one application of the restorer and make your hardwood floors look new for months. Along with a satin finish, it won’t leave any residue and best of all, there aren’t any toxic fumes to inhale.

Polish your wood floors with Rejuvenate for professional results and satin finish in record time. If I can do it, so can you!