Are your old floors looking dull? Do you hate all the scratches and indentations your dingy floors have? If you answered yes then it’s time for you to undergo a floor restoration project! Many love how a satin finish looks on floors, but aren’t sure how to achieve it on their old floors. Well, we’re here to let you know that a satin finish is totally possible with the right floor restoration products from Rejuvenate.

A satin finish is the most coveted wood floor sheen for its appealing aesthetic and durability. Satin finish has a bit of sheen, but it's not overly glossy. Many love it because it adds a contemporary and classic feel to space. In fact, many decorators recommend a satin finish since it shows imperfections, scratches and dirt less. Plus, a satin finish is also easier to maintain and clean, so it tends to look like a new floor for much longer.

Simple Wood Floor Restoration

Many think they can’t achieve a beautiful satin finish on older wood floors on their own. They believe they need to call in a professional to come and do it, which will take lots of time and money. However, that’s not the case when you have Rejuvenate wood floor restoration products on hand. Our easy-to-use wood floor restoration products will make the surface look new again thanks to its powerful formula. It’ll fill in scratches and leave a lasting shine. The safe pour-and-mop solution is best used with our microfiber bonnet for application to protect wood floors for years and dries in as little as 45 minutes.

Floor Restoration For Other Floor Surfaces

Even if you don’t have wooden floors, Rejuvenate offers floor restoration for other common floor surfaces. Whether you need floor restoration for laminate, linoleum or tile, Rejuvenate offers it! Our All Floors Restorer will fill in scratches and restores shine to all floor surfaces and will last for months. It’s a water-based formula and easily mops onto floor surfaces, providing up to 50% more traction. The floor restoration product adds UV protection and dries quickly.

No-Hassle Laminate Floor Care

Our laminate floor care products are designed to take the hassle out of cleaning your laminate floors. The wrong laminate floor care products will ruin the beautiful surface and can also be complicated to use. Our laminate floor care products are safe and easy to use which is why they are so popular and the top choice for many. You’ll get professional results with Rejuvenate’s laminate floor care products.