Wood floors provide a home with a classic and sophisticated look. They also add value to your home and are durable and long lasting. But if you don’t take care of them, they’ll start showing wear and tear sooner than you’d like. Take care of your wood floors and give them a beautiful satin finish that’ll make everyone compliment you on how gorgeous they are with Rejuvenate! This alluring finish is easy to obtain when you use Rejuvenate’s professional wood floor restoration with satin finish. Currently, it’s the most popular and stylish sheen when it comes to wood floors. A stain finish does have some sheen to it, but it’s not too glossy. You’ll love how a satin finish provides a room with both a contemporary and classic feel. Plus, this finish tends to show scratches, dirt, and imperfections in wood floors a lot less than other sheens. It’s easier to maintain and looks newer for much longer! If your wood floors are looking too dull for your liking, all you need is Rejuvenate’s professional wood floor restorer with satin finish!

An Easy-To-Use Wood Floor Polish

Don’t think that restoring your wood floors will be a difficult task because Rejuvenate’s wood floor polish makes it easier than ever! While other wood floor polish products require you do get on your hands and knees to apply, you’ll just need our microfiber mop bonnet to seal and protect your floors for years! Our wood floor polish will fill in scratches, restore a matte satin shine and protect your wood floors in no time! It only takes about 45 minutes of drying time for amazing results!

Amazing Wood Floor Shine With One Product

Don’t think you’ll need several products to get amazing wood floor shine! All you need is Rejuvenate’s Professional Wood Floor Restorer to not only add shine to your wood floors, but also fill in scratches and protect its surface. This long-lasting wood floor shine product is clear and will leave your hardwood floors with a beautiful satin finish in one easy, mop-on application.

Simple Laminate Floor Care

Chances are, your home also has laminate floors in the bathrooms or laundry room. Besides wood floor products, Rejuvenate also offers simple laminate floor care products. Similar to hardwood floors, if not properly maintained, laminate floors can look dull and dirty. But the right laminate floor care products will ensure your floors look like new no matter how long you’ve had them in your home.

Floor Shine Products For Everyday Use

If you want shiny floors all the time, Rejuvenate’s floor shine products are great for everyday use. Our Shine Refresher will refresh the shine on your new floors. Designed for maintaining new floors and floors that have recently been restored with Rejuvenate, our floor shine products clean, protect and help preserve the showroom shine.