It’s not enough to know how to clean your kitchen sink, you also need to have the right tools to make your kitchen cleaner with minimal effort. Rejuvenate has great kitchen cleaning products that do just that, including a stainless steel sink cleaner that was developed specifically to leave your stainless steel sink spotless. Countless people, myself included, have seen the effectiveness of these products and the difference they can make in keeping a stainless steel sink cleaner, longer.

Before using the stainless steel sink cleaner, you’ll want to make sure the sink is clear of any dishes and leftover food. Start by rinsing the sink and removing any food from the surface before applying the stainless steel cleaner.  The sink should also be completely dry before you begin.

How To Clean Your Sink With A Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner

When you use a stainless steel sink cleaner and polish from Rejuvenate, all it takes is one product and a microfiber applicator to get the job done. Once your sink is cleared of any crumbs, dishes and dry pump the cleaner onto the microfiber applicator. I love this applicator because it doesn’t soak up the product and helps leave a sleek finish. It also helps to pick up any little bits in your sink while it polishes.

Once the stainless steel cleaner is on the applicator, wipe down the surface going with the grain; This gives it a sleeker look. If it’s been a while since you’ve used a stainless steel sink cleaner, you might need to do more than one application.  This product also works on the faucet and outside of the sink

Make It Shine With A Stainless Steel Polish 

For the ultimate stainless steel polish, I recommend using the scratch eraser kit on non-coated stainless steel and then finish up with the cleaner. If your sink has any scratches that prevent it from looking new, the scratch eraser kit might be the thing you need. It works like a magic wand on scratches, smoothing out the surface to help the stainless steel polish really shine. After you use the scratch eraser kit, use the stainless steel polish as I mentioned above and use the microfiber applicator to buff the surface until your sink looks new again.

Get More Kitchen Cleaning Products From Rejuvenate 

Along with the stainless steel polish, you can make your whole kitchen cleaner, with Rejuvenate’s kitchen cleaning products. Deodorize your kitchen sink with a disposer and drain pipe cleaner. We all know how bad an uncleaned disposer can smell, so these cleaning and deodorizing pods are especially appreciated. Aside from your sink, you can also use Rejuvenate’s kitchen cleaning products to restore your cabinets, make your countertops and stainless steel appliances shine, and make your floors new again. If you’re looking for a whole new way to clean, get your kitchen cleaning products from Rejuvenate.