Luxury vinyl flooring is becoming a popular flooring choice thanks to its looks, affordability and easy maintenance. You can pick between the look of wooden or tile flooring without the hassles or the expense thanks to the many options there are when choosing luxury vinyl flooring surfaces for your home. Luxury vinyl planks are not only modern and beautiful, but they are also very convenient when it comes to cleaning them. If you’re wondering how to safely and efficiently maintain luxury vinyl, here is how to clean it like a pro!

Have The Right Dust Mop

Just like you would hardwood, tile or stone floors, you’ll first need to dust the luxury vinyl tile to get rid of any dirt or debris on its surface.  While you can use your old broom, the best and fastest way to clean luxury vinyl like a pro is to use Rejuvenate’s new Click N Clean dust mop system that features its own reusable microfiber dusting pad. You can throw it in the washer to use over and over again. This dust mop features a flexible swivel head joint that allows it to glide easily over your luxury vinyl floors and maneuver under tight spaces to get all the dirt from the surface.

A Cleaning Mop That Does It All

What’s great about the Rejuvenate Click N Clean cleaning mop is that it easily transforms from dust mop to a spray mop with little to no effort! You’ll be able to clean every flooring surface of your home with one convenient cleaning mop so you can speed clean everything with ease. The dust mop becomes a spray mop by simply changing out Rejuvenate’s Floor Cleaners that act at cartridges for the spray mop, as well as using the included microfiber cleaning pad that can be reused after a good wash. The cleaning mop’s comfortable ergonomic power grip may also help reduce hand and arm fatigue while cleaning so that you can clean your entire home, including the luxury vinyl flooring!

The Best Spay Mop Combined With A Specialty Floor Cleaner

What do you get when you combine the best spray mop with Rejuvenate’s Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaner? You get cleaner floors with minimal effort! This specialty floor cleaner features a pH neutral solution specifically created for cleaning vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. It removes dirt and grime, along with any residues other cleaners leave behind. You can use it daily and really get your vinyl floors looking like new when you pair it with the Click n Clean spray mop system!