My first home had stone tile flooring throughout, which was okay, but I told myself my next home would have swoon-worthy hardwood floors. So, when it came time to find my second home, I knew it had to feature beautiful hardwood floors. My dream came true and I couldn't be happier with how classic they look throughout the bottom floor. Even though I love having hardwood floors, I had absolutely no idea how to care for them.   For my first time cleaning hardwood floors, I did what any person would do – I Googled the best way to clean them!

What I found was a very tedious process that took longer than I’d like. I had to use a separate dust mop to pick up the debris and that meant using two to three different dust mop disposable refills just to finish the job. Sometimes, when I ran out of the throw away dust pads, I’d have to sweep by hand, which was an even bigger pain in the neck. After dusting, I had to use an expensive floor cleaning product that would leave a waxy residue that always annoyed me. My bare feet would remind me it just didn’t feel clean enough!

I went through several cleaning products before I found Rejuvenate No-Bucket Floor Cleaner, which I loved. Then when I heard they came out with an all-in-one floor care mop kit, I knew I had to give it a try. I'm so glad I did because their Click N Clean system has made cleaning my hardwood floors a breeze! It literally takes only three steps for this cleaning mop to get my hardwood floors shining and looking like new again.

Step 1: The Power Of Using Your Dust Mop Daily

In order to minimize the buildup of dust on my hardwood floors (I have two boys and a dog, who all love to track in dirt), I try to dust my hardwood floors daily with the Click N Clean dust mop. It comes with its own reusable microfiber dusting pad that provides maximum microfiber power that attracts and holds onto dirt and grime. But the best part is that it’s machine washable, so I don’t have to spend $50 a year on disposable dusting pad refills. When I’m done using the pad, I can throw it in a wash or give it a good rinse in the sink.   Since I don’t put it in the dryer I expect to have this pad at least a year or more.

Step 2: Easy-To-Use Spray Mop

The Rejuvenate Click N Clean system allows anyone to easily clean every room with ease. The durable two-piece mop handles is comfortable to hold and the large swivel mop head makes cleaning convenient and effective, getting into every corner for a better clean. And it comes with its first bottle of No-Bucket Floor Cleaner that thoroughly cleans hardwood floors to remove grease, grime and dirt, while neutralizing old wax and cleaner residue (which was a huge pet peeve for me with other floor cleaners).

Step 3: The Best Spray Mop That Does It All

When I forget that the blue microfiber cleaning pad is in the wash, I simply use the included white microfiber cleaning pad that picks up loose dirt, hair, fur and more for a quick speed clean dusting. I usually do this when I know I’m having guests and don’t have enough time for a thorough cleaning.  If I have an extra 3 minutes, I can use one of the included three bottle adapters to go upstairs and clean my bathroom’s luxury vinyl flooring by changing out the floor cleaner to a different solution from Rejuvenate! There’s no refilling a bottle with a different floor cleaner, making this the best spray mop for your hardwood floors and any other floor surfaces in your home!