You’d be amazed at how many times customers ask us what they can use to make their wood floor shine like new! It’s a common question our customer service reps get asked, and we’re here to help everyone with this question get an amazing shine for their wood floors.

Wood floors are beautiful and add tons of value to a home. But many people are scared of wood floors because of their reputation for being high maintenance. The biggest complaint we hear is that their wood floor surfaces doesn’t shine as it once did.

However, that’s an easy fix when you know what products to use to make your wood floor shine again! Rejuvenate offers a variety of products that’ll breathe new life into your dull and dingy wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Restoration Made Simple

Many see hardwood floor restoration as some huge daunting task they need a professional to do. However, this isn’t the case when you have Rejuvenate products on hand.  With our products, your hardwood floor restoration projects are simple and fast. You’ll be able to make your dull hardwood floors look shiny and new in a few hours. Wood floor restoration has never been easier!

An Easier Laminate Floor Cleaner

Besides products that make your wood floor shine, Rejuvenate also has a great laminate floor cleaner! Bathrooms are most likely to have laminate floors, so you’ll need something to really make them shine. Rejuvenate’s laminate floor cleaner is specially formulated to work on sealed flooring surfaces. You’ll love the results our laminate floor cleaner provides your laminate floors!

A Floor Cleaner For Every Surface

If your home has multiple floor surfaces, we have a floor cleaner for all of them! Rejuvenate’s floor cleaner offerings all feature powerful formulas that do all the cleaning work for you. You’ll love how clean your floors will look after just one use of our floor cleaner products.

Affordable Wood Floor Restoration

Don’t think you have to spend big bucks on your wood floor restoration project. With Rejuvenate’s wood floor restoration products, you’ll spend way less than if you would have hired a professional. With all the money you’ll save, you’ll be able to buy all of our other cleaning products!

A Cleaning Mop For Hardwood Floors

Cleaning is so much easier when you ditch your old cleaning products and invest in our cleaning mop! It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood floors, tile floors, laminate or vinyl floors, a cleaning mop will work a variety of flooring surfaces. Our cleaning mop is specifically made to work with all of our floor cleaners, making it a versatile cleaning tool every home could benefit from.

The Best Spray Mop For Rejuvenate Products

If you love using our cleaning products, this is the best spray mop for you! Rejuvenate’s cleaning mop works with any 32oz - 40 oz Rejuvenate Long Neck Bottle Floor Cleaners. You simply change out the bottle, spray the solution on the floor and mop. No bucket of water is required, which is why we have the best mop around. Your hardwood floors will be cleaner than ever using our best spray mop!