With the holidays here, you’re most likely getting your home ready for all of the relatives and friends you’ll be hosting. As you start getting your home together, you’ll want to make sure you have the right household cleaning products on hand to make your house sparkle and shine just like your holiday decor! The right household cleaning products will make this chore so much easier so that you can focus on getting your menu ready, your décor on point and other holiday party preparations done on time. So if you want to make cleaning for the holidays a breeze, make sure you have Rejuvenate household cleaning products ready to go!

A Better Dust Mop

Dust your floors as efficiently as possible with a better dust mop from Rejuvenate. A dust mop is a must since it catches all the dirt, dust and debris on your floors. But not all dust mops are easy to use. Some are too bulky to use or too heavy. Because of these inconveniences, many skip dust mopping their floors all together. However, using a dust mop is one of the most important steps in your floor care maintenance. You want to make sure you remove any dry soils before mopping to make the entire process so much easier.

The Only Cleaning Mop You’ll Ever Need

After you use a dust mop on your floors, you’ll want to mop them with our no-bucket floor cleaner. But the biggest hassle is switching between a dust mop and a spray mop. But that’s not the case with Rejuvenate’s cleaning mop. It easily switches from a dust mop to a spray mop in seconds. You just have to switch out the microfiber cloths and add your favorite Rejuvenate floor cleaner and that’s it! The cleaning mop also features a flexible swivel head and comes with three bottle adapters, soft scrub pad, and a free bonus click-on grout brush.

Simple Hardwood Floor Restoration

If you really want to impress your guests this holiday season, you might want to think about undergoing a quick hardwood floor restoration project before the big soiree. Rejuvenate offer a simple way to get your hardwood floor restoration project done in less than a day! Our hardwood floor restoration products will restore your wood floors and make them look new again.

An Affordable Wood Floor Restorer

Household cleaning products shouldn’t cost a fortune and neither should a wood floor restorer. Rejuvenate makes your wood floors shine like new with affordable and easy to use wood floor restorer products. Whether you prefer a satin finish or high gloss shine, we have the perfect wood floor restorer for your needs. Our wood floor restorer fills in scratches, protects wood flooring and dries in as little as 45 minutes.