Thanksgiving just past, Christmas and New Year’s Day will be here before you know it.   Your house is probably far from being ready for guests, right? Although you might be inclined to stress out (after all, it’s what many people do during the holidays as they try to finish work, gift shopping and more before the holidays), we have some tips on how to get your home ready for guests without being overwhelmed by the holiday season! Read on to find out how:

1. Tackle Each Room Individually

The best way not to stress over getting your home ready for the holidays and to tackle each room individually and then work your way down to the rest of the house. Create a list of what needs to be done for each room so that you stay on track and make sure everything is up to par. You can devote one entire day to each room so that you aren’t overwhelmed by doing the entire house at one time. Start with the room that will have the most holiday traction (i.e. living room, bathroom, kitchen, guest room, etc.) and then move on. Before you know it, the whole house will be ready for the holidays!

2. Bathroom Essentials

When concentrating on your home’s bathrooms, make sure that you replace old towels with new ones if they are old and tattered to make the room look its best, clear the counter of any unnecessary clutter so that it’s clean and add some greenery if you can to really liven up the bathroom. Plants instantly brighten the room and will make the space look pretty. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom so that guests enjoy a fresh, clean space when they visit for the holidays!

3. Living Room Musts

Your living room will see the most action during the holidays so it’s important to pay extra attention to this room. To start, de-clutter the space before you start putting up your holiday decorations so that you start with a clean space. Make sure toys and other things are put in their place so that the area stays clean throughout the holidays. Keep the floors clean and dust the furniture to make it cozy. A clean floor will make the rest of the room look clean and do so, use Rejuvenate floor care products that are effective and easy to use so that cleaning doesn’t become a chore.

4. Guest Bedroom Comforts

If you are going to have overnight guests, then you’ll have to prepare your guest bedroom (if you have one). If you can, clear out some space in the guest closet for them to hang their things and provide travel-size toiletries for them as a welcoming gesture. They’ll appreciate it if they forgot to bring their own! To further create a comfortable atmosphere for them, leave fresh sheets and pillowcases for them to use, as well as clean towels. You might also want to have some light reading material on the nightstand and make sure that you show them everything they must know while staying in your home like how to work the shower and where to find basics like milk and coffee.

5. Kitchen Upkeep

You’ll most likely use your kitchen a lot during the holidays so it will always get dirty. Instead of giving it a deep cleaning every time, do that right before guests come and then just maintain its upkeep while they are staying with you. Then after the holidays, give it one more deep cleaning with Rejuvenate’s kitchen care products.