Don’t you hate it when company comes by unannounced? The doorbell rings and your house is a mess! You frantically run around and try to pick up as you head to the door to let in company coming by for a quick visit. It’s a scenario we’ve all been through. Instead of running around trying to tidy up a bit, you should try and keep your home tidy all the time with these useful tips:

1. A clean slate

In order to have a tidy home all the time, you’ll have to start with a clean home. Go through the entire home and clean and style each room. If it’s dirty, untidiness will only result in more untidiness. This way, you’ll see your home in a clean state and will be motivated to keep it tidy and not have a mess.

2. Pick up each day

Don’t let things get messy and tidy up as you go. Create a habit of picking up after yourself as you go about the day and use each room in your home. Wash dishes as you use them, put away clothes as you wear them and so on. This will help keep your home cleaner for longer.

3. Concentrate on a room’s hot spots

A hot spot in a room is a space where the tidiness or lack of it makes all the difference. It can make the entire room look dirty or clean. It might be a made bed, clean counter in the kitchen or styled sofas. Try to figure out what each room’s hot spot is and make sure that it’s always clean to make the rest of the room look the same.

4. Create a tidying routine

Create a routine at home and stick to it. It can make all the difference when keeping your home tidy. Either take time out of your day in the morning, afternoon or at night to pick up a bit and make it a routine each day.

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