For those with large houses, a professional cleaning business or just like to save on their favorite products, Rejuvenate offers the convenience of buying 1-gallon options for many of our products. These larger bottles will give you more cleaning and help you save since you’re buying in bulk! You’ll have lots of formula to last you for months if you want to make sure you never run out of your favorite product. And if you have a cleaning business, these 1-gallon products will live up to even the toughest job!

Here are a few products that we offer in 1-gallons:

Soap Scum Remover Gallon Combo Kit - Beat even the toughest soap scum buildup time and time again with our gallon combo kit. You can use the 1-gallon bottle to refill your 24ox Soap Scum Remover as needed!

Cabinet & Furniture Restorer - Restore the life back into your finished wood, laminate surface, Formica and more with this handy restorer! This formula will instantly restore shine and luster, as well as fill in scratches as it seals and protects. 

Wood Floor Restorer With Satin Finish - This 2-gallon pack is great for huge cleaning jobs or if you just want to make sure that you always have your favorite solution on hand. The product will restore luster and seal and products worn-down floors by adding a stain finish. 

All Floors Restorer - Do you have different kinds of floors in your home? Clean them all with our handy 1-gallon All Floors Restorer solution. Safe on a variety of surfaces, it’s the perfect restorer for all of your home’s floors.

Tile & Grout Everyday Cleaner - Dirty grout will be no more with this convenient product available in our 1-gallon option.  And it’s scrub-free cleaning at its best. Simply spray and then walk away, allowing the heavy-duty formula to do all the work for you. 

No-Bucket Floor Cleaner - Great for everyday jobs, this formula is gentle, yet strong, made to be your go-to product for everyday floor cleaning.