The New Year is right around the corner and you’re probably already thinking about what sort of resolutions you’d like to make. Well if calmer and more effortless mornings are what you crave, here are a few morning habits of organized people to help you get out of your chaos mornings rut and set a new productive morning routine:

They’re the first one to get up.
To meet the day right, organized morning people strive to be the first one up! Even just getting up 10 to 15 minutes before everyone else can really make a difference. It can give you a few minutes alone to get up in peace before all the chaos starts as the rest of the family gets up.

They don’t check their cell phones as soon as they get up.
If you have a habit to check out your phone the first thing in the morning, you need to stop. When you do this, you get lost in all of your emails, social media posts and headlines that can really do a number on your mental state and create a disorganized day ahead. Instead, take a few deep breathes for about 30 seconds after you first get up.

They do their morning tasks in the same order.
Highly organized morning people do the same things every day in the same order. They get up, brush their teeth or shower, get dressed, get breakfast and so on in that same order, creating a daily morning routine for themselves. And when you do this, getting up won’t be a chore or complete chaos, but will now be second nature.

They plan out their day.
Organized morning people plan out their day and create a list of everything they need to accomplish (including any cleaning chores!). And if they can, they figure out three things to make their day feel like a success and then go out and do them!

All in all, waking up ready to tackle the day isn’t hard when you have realistic morning goals in mind, so your mornings may be different when you have kids.  Either way, just do what you can to make the best of it!